Soul place Orenberg

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Peak overgrown with Heid with a wide view over Willingen.


Seelenort Orenberg

Seelenort Orenberg

Seelenort Orenberg

Tour starting point:

Tourist-Information, Am Hagen 10, 34508 Willingen

Tour destination point:

Orenberg Plateau


  • From A to B
  • promising
  • Flora




2.2 km


0:41 Std.

Elevation ascent

144 m

Elevation descent

47 m

Altitude (Minimum)

552 m

Altitude (Maximum)

697 m





Recommended seasons


Theme: Reconciled opposites
Sauerland-Seelenorte - these are rocks and quarries, churches and hilltops, mighty trees and underground grottos, lakes and valleys. 43 places, spread over the Sauerland-Wanderdorf, were chosen because they are particularly impressive and have a special meaning for the people living in their surroundings. Not only today, but also in earlier times. They touch people emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They evoke strong resonances. They are places to which people wander and where they can switch off. Come to themselves. Enjoy the peace and quiet. Be inspired. Gain new insights. Even though each soul place tells its own story, there is one quality that connects them all: Living silence.

ParkplatzHaus des Gastes
Eissporthalle Willingen


Liebe Gäste, die Eissporthalle Willingen ist wieder geöffnet!

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Between the tourist information and the Lagunen-Erlebnisbad we follow the street "Am Hagen" along to the parking lot of the Lagunenbad. We cross this, then turn right and follow the railroad line to the viaduct. The path zigzags down to the street "Stryckweg". At the pillar of the viaduct, we walk from the Stryckweg into the spa facilities, turn right in the direction of the Abenteuergolfplatz and then cross the Itterbach on the left over a small bridge. The path leads up to the main road, which we have to cross at the viaduct just before the first houses, in order to turn onto the forest path on the other side of the road. In front of the Kurmittelhaus we turn right and walk above the viaduct first through the forest, then through thinner vegetation. The path runs parallel to the railroad line further down and joins a wide path, which we follow to the left. It goes past the Orenberg ski jump and at the next crossroads turn right towards the Orenberg summit. Follow the signs to the right across a meadow and then climb up a cliff overgrown with Heid to the plateau of Orenberg.You can also reach Orenberg via the circular hiking trail W9 trail. This leads around the Orenberg and Iberg through nearby wooded areas and open fields up to the summit of the Orenberg (693 m) and offers a magnificent view over Willingen and the Upland panorama. This is a relatively short but challenging trail, with some steeper inclines to contend with. The start and finish of this trail is always the visitor center, Am Hagen 10, 34508 Willingen.

Public transiot

Arrival by bus and train to Willingen train station

Getting there

Approach via the B251 to Willingen


Parking at the visitor center/tourist information, lagoon pool

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