Circular trail around Schmallenberg (S4)

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From the Schützenplatz you walk over the Werper Kreuz in the direction of Werpe & Felbecke. From there, the tour takes you past Rennefeld airfield back to the Schmallenberg town center.

Weite Blicke ins Hawerland

Schützenplatz Schmallenberg

Wandern im Schmallenberger Sauerland

Flugplatz Rennefeld

Wandern auf dem S4

Der Segel- und Motorflugplatz Rennefeld

Abstecher zur Kapelle auf dem Kreuzberg mit Lauschpohl

Wandern rund um Schmallenberg

Lauschpohl "Riesenbank" bei Felbecke

Werpe im Schmallenberger Sauerland

Gedenkstätte Werper Kreuz

Schmallenberg im Hochsauerland

Tour starting point:

Schützenplatz, Schmallenberg - Alternatively at the sports field Wormbacher Berg

Tour destination point:

Schützenplatz, Schmallenberg - Alternatively at the sports field Wormbacher Berg


  • promising
  • Round trip

Additional Information

In Wormbach, the church of St. Peter and Paul from the Romanesque period is worth a visit.

In Schmallenberg, take advantage of the numerous opportunities for refreshments and shopping. For more information, visit :




11.5 km


3:00 Std.

Elevation ascent

204 m

Elevation descent

204 m

Altitude (Minimum)

400 m

Altitude (Maximum)

501 m





Recommended seasons

The hike offers beautiful views over long distances into the Hawerland, in the direction of Bad Fredeburg and at the end of the hike to Schmallenberg.
Schützenplatz Schmallenberg

Schützenplatz Schmallenberg

Blicken Sie auf den zentralen Platz des historischen Stadtkerns von Schmallenberg, am dem die  West- und Oststraße beginnen.

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Kreuzkapelle Wormbach

Rundblick an der Wormbacher Kreuzkapelle

zum 360° Panoramabild

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Sonnenaufgang: Heilig-Kreuz-Kapelle Wormbach

Sonnen-Aufgangsort: Heilig-Kreuz-Kapelle Wormbach

Folgt dem Rundweg um Schmallenberg (S4) und nehmt an der kleinen Kapelle auf einer Bank Platz: Und dann einfach den Sonnenaufgang über den Bergen am Horizont genießen.

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Always follow the hiking sign S4.The tour starts at the Schützenplatz in Schmallenberg. Where Oststraße and Weststraße meet we Wenden in the direction of, the traffic circle decorated with flowers by the artist Gabriele Schulz. Here we turn left into "Wormbacher Straße" and walk in the direction of "Sportplatz Wormbacher Berg". In the bend we go further uphill with the "Wormbacher Straße". At the top we turn left into Heidenstraße and follow it to the parking lot at the sports field "Wormbacher Berg". Here is an alternative way to start the hike.At the sports field, at the Oberstadthütte we go straight ahead (path with the barrier). After about 500 meters we turn right at a crossroads and shortly afterwards left. Arrived at the asphalt path, we turn left again and stay on the path until we reach the buildings of the airfield and the road to Wormbach. We cross the road and follow it downhill towards Wormbach. When the first houses of Wormbach come into sight, we turn left, passing the bird perch of the Wormbach marksmen and some carved wooden figures.When we reach the Kreuzweg, we have the opportunity to make a short detour to the chapel on the Kreuzberg. Here we enjoy a beautiful, wide view over the Hawerland, up to Bad Fredeburg and the Hunauturm. The Lauschpohl installed there provides information about the storm Kyrill and its consequences.After the detour we continue on the S4 soon the landscape opens up and gives a view of the Hawerland. We stay on the path until we reach a barrier. Behind it we go slightly uphill with the asphalt path. At the Lauschpohl "Riesenbank", with information about the land consolidation, we turn left and climb with the road. At the top, we turn right and stay on the tarred road that takes us to the small village of Werpe. At the road, at the sign "Werper Wehrsiepen", we take a few steps to the left, cross the road and follow the path through the meadows, towards the airfield.At the end of this path we turn right, cross the road to Werpe (L737) and continue climbing straight ahead. At the memorial "Werper Kreuz" we turn left, stay on the path and walk through the underpass of the L737. At the end of the path we turn left and after a few meters we turn right. Shortly after the first houses of Schmallenberg, the trail leads us uphill to the left. A small staircase on the left leads us between the houses. Now we turn to the right. At the end of the short path, the hike leads us either left back to the "Wormbacher Berg" or to the right, always downhill, the familiar path back to the Schmallenberg Schützenplatz.

Safty guidelines

A rescue point system is installed in the Hochsauerlandkreis. Rescue points can be found, among other things, on the information boards of the junctions and the hiking signs.

Public transiot

In Schmallenberg there are bus lines S40, S90, 466 and 461. To get to the starting point of the tour, use the bus stop "Schützenplatz".Timetable information: www.rlg-online.deWith the Schmallenberg Sauerland Card you can travel free of charge by bus and train in the region


Free parking is available at Paul-Falke Platz at the town hall and in limited numbers at the Schmallenberg Wood and Tourism Center.

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