Historical hiking trail - Beautiful views and the Elend colliery, start in Winterberg-Elkeringhausen

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Elkeringhausen /

The "Historic Hiking Trail" leads you to historically important places around the village of Elkeringhausen.

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Tour starting point:

Haus des Gastes in the center of Winterberg-Elkeringhausen

Tour destination point:

Haus des Gastes in the center of Winterberg-Elkeringhausen


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  • Round trip
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  • cultural / historical

Additional Information

Hiking map Winterberg, 1:25.000, published by Tourist-Information Winterberg




6.8 km


2:10 Std.

Elevation ascent

156 m

Elevation descent

156 m

Altitude (Minimum)

459 m

Altitude (Maximum)

602 m





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The "Historic Trail" is a circular trail about 6.5 km long. Depending on the walking speed you walk 2-3 hours. During the first two kilometers there are inclines, after that it goes gently downhill. The "Historic Hiking Trail" leads you to historically important places outside the village of Elkeringhausen. There are informative signs at all prominent points that tell you about important events in the village's past.

A gentle breeze wanders through the fields. Meadow flowers form colorful spots along the small streams. You enjoy the clear air and the breathtaking view over the mountains.

What a paradise for hikers and families! Varied, gentle but also challenging climbs, impressive panoramic views. Elkeringhausen is located in the sunny valley of the Winterberg mountains. Small and idyllic with a beautiful lake in the spa park and yet only 3 km from lively Winterberg.

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Alte Grimme

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Die Alte Grimme ist 751 m hoch.

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You leave the Haus des Gastes, go right to the village center, leave the big hiking sign on the right and follow the right turn after 200 m at the fire station.Passing the Lore, following the right bend, the path leads uphill. The signpost "Historischer Wanderpfad" shows you the way. After 50 m the Marienkapelleoffers you the opportunity for a short reflection. Then leave the Marienkapelle behind you on the left side and continue uphill until you reach a crossroads where 5 paths start. Turn left and stay on the paved path. The wooden sign "Historic hiking trail" also shows you the way. Very soon you will meet the landscape cinema. Enjoy the great view through the picture frame.On the right is a gentle hill, the "Ronsfeld". You follow the paved path into a slight bend to the right. Only 100 m further on, the path turns right again. Later you will find a quarry on the left side. In former times slate and graywacke were extracted from this quarry for house foundations and road construction. You walk the gravel path steeply uphill to the bottom of the butter field. In front of you is the Butterfeld, the former hut of Elkeringhausen. The "Historic Hiking Trail" leads you to the right along the lower end of the butter field. You walk through a small depression. After the depression you turn right. After only 100 m you will see the Elend colliery on your left. Inform yourself in the entrance of the colliery about the mining at that time. The path continues gently downhill until you reach a crossroad. Here you turn to the right. The now wide hiking trail leads in a big left turn down into the Orketal valley at the former Wernsdorf church. At the bottom of the narrow road, turn right in the direction of Elkeringhausen. After 500 m you will find the 200-year-old beech tree on your left. Here turn right into a forest path. This leads past the Ehrenscheider millthrough the forest.From the Orke bridgeyou can already see the first houses of the village. On the last stretch to the Haus des Gastes you can rest in the well-kept, blooming spa park by the lake. Perhaps you will visit the local history museum in the Haus des Gastes.© Hiking Magazine

Public transiot

You can reach Elkeringhausen from Winterberg by bus R48.Free use of bus and train with the SauerlandCard.

Getting there

You can reach Elkeringhausen from Winterberg via the K50.


Free parking in Elkeringhausen.

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