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The premium nature trail Kahler Pön leads northwest of Medebach-Düdinghausen through one of the few remaining Hochheide on the ridges of the Sauerland. You will enjoy fantastic views and pure nature!


Usselner Kreuz

Starttafel und Information am Wanderparkplatz "Kahler Pön"


Heide am Rundweg

Eine von 12 Stationen auf dem Weg

Kahler Pön

Wanderpfosten auf dem Rundweg


Parallel verlaufende Wanderwege

Sonnenaufgang am Aussichtspunkt Kalied

Sonnenaufgang am Aussichtspunkt Kalied

Tour starting point:

Hiking parking lot and information Kahle-Pön

Tour destination point:

Hiking parking lot and information Kahle-Pön


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  • Premium Trail German Hiking Seal
  • Summit Tour
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5.3 km


1:45 Std.

Elevation ascent

149 m

Elevation descent

149 m

Altitude (Minimum)

677 m

Altitude (Maximum)

774 m





Recommended seasons


Welcome to the mountain heaths of the Kahle-Pön. You will hike through a fascinating type of landscape that characterized the high altitudes of the low mountain range for centuries.

At the end of the 19th century, the ridges of the Sauerland were still largely occupied by mountain heaths. On the plateau of the Kahlen Pön, on the border between Upland (Hessen) and Medebach Bay (NRW) and thus in the headwaters of the Diemel, lies one of the few remaining Hochheide of the Rhenish Slate Mountains. You will experience an extraordinary heath landscape and again and again great distant views, such as at the Usselner Kreuz, on the Pöngipfel or at the Kalied.

At 12 stations along the way, interesting information about nature and history can be accessed via QR codes.

Tip: Make a detour to the Graf Stolberg Hütte for a rest in a rustic hut atmosphere or on the large sun terrace!

Wanderparkplatz Kahler Pön Düdinghausen

Wanderportal Natutweg Kahler Pön

Ausgangspunkt Region Sauerland Wanderdörfer - Wanderportal Naturweg Kahler Pön Auf dem Wanderparkplatz, oberhalb des Dorfes und der Straße "Zum Pön" finden Sie die Portaltafel des Naturwegs Kahler Pön und eine Wanderportalkarte der Medebach Touristik mit der Beschreibung der beiden Premiumwege "Naturweg Kahler Pön" und "Geologischer Rundweg Düdinghausen".

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Wanderparkplatz Usseln / Diemelquelle

Wanderparkplatz an der Diemelquelle

Wanderausgangspunkt für die verschiedene Wanderwege innerhalb der Qualitätsregion Wanderbares Deutschland.

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Aussichtspunkt Pöngipfel

Kahler Pön

Das 96 ha große Naturschutzgebiet Kahler Pön im Stadtgebiet Medebach (NRW), direkt an der Landesgrenze zu Hessen, mit dem 774 m hohen Gipfel, beherbergt in einer historischen Kulturlandschaft zahlreiche seltene Tiere und Pflanzen und beeindruckt durch herrliche Aussichten.

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Schutzhütte Kalied

Idyllisch gelegen: Die Schutzhütte Kalied

Unweit des auf 774 m üNN gelegenen Berges Kahle Pön nahe der Medebacher Ortschaft Düdinghausen trifft der Wanderer auf diese Schutzhütte, in der schon Stefan Pinnow und Kathrin Heinrichs für die Sendung "Wunderschön" Platz genommen haben.

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Aussichtspunkt Kalied

Sonnenaufgang am Aussichtspunkt Kalied

Auf der Kalied (745 m) bietet sich ein atemberaubendes Panorama über die, als europäisches Vogelschutzgebiet ausgewiesene, Medebacher Bucht.

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The hiking trail is signposted throughout with the blue Kahle-Pön trail sign (yellow EU star circle on a blue background).There is a flyer for this trail that explains the special nature at 12 numbered oak stake stations.The starting point is the Pön parking lot, which can be reached either by car via an approx. 3 km approach along an asphalt road east of the village center, or on foot from the village center via the Sauerland-Höhenflug (2 km steeply uphill - 200 meters in altitude).First we go 500 m uphill. Then we turn right, after 200 m we meet the state border with the border stone "Lügenbank" and after another 300 m we reach the Usselner Heid with an extraordinary panoramic view. At the Usseln cross turn left into a narrow path, then continue along a natural path past the ski lift, then turn right along large mountain meadows to the tarred path. We cross this near the boundary stone no. 5, up on a heath path to the Pöngipfel. Continue downhill to the right through the forest, then turn sharp left onto the almost level Pönflankenweg to the turning point. Continue slightly downhill along a path in the Buchenwald, then sharp left and up through Buchenwald to Kalied. From the refuge with information point and panorama board you have a magnificent view over the Hessian mountains and the Medebach bay. The path leads back to the parking lot.

Safty guidelines

You are a guest in the nature reserve. Please behave considerately. Dogs must be kept on a leash. Please do not leave the paths in general!Possible difficulties with snow in December to March.Current information about our forests - The bark beetle and its consequencesThe forest owners are trying to tackle the necessary measures in the forests and to remove the damaged wood. However, this work cannot be accomplished in a short period of time due to its magnitude. The clearing and reforestation of the damaged forest stands will therefore take a long time and sometimes lead to disruptions such as closures and detour in the forests. This must always be taken into account when visiting the forest.We therefore appeal to everyone who cares about the forest:Please understand that extensive forest work is necessary in the current situation and that this is currently accompanying your forest experience.Be especially attentive during your leisure activities and observe prevailing instructions and, if necessary, prohibitions.Please show consideration ...

Public transiot

From Willingen: Bus R46 (RLG): Willingen-DüdinghausenFrom Winterberg: Bus R48 (RLG): Winterberg-Düdinghausen / change in Küstelberg to the direct connecting busFrom Korbach:Bus 550(NVV): Korbach-Medebach / change to R46 to DüdinghausenFrom Frankenberg (Eder): Bus 530 (NVV): Frankenberg-Lichtenfels-Medebach / change to the R46 towards Düdinghausen

Getting there

From the north: A7, A2, A33 to freeway junction Wünnenberg-Haaren, B480 Brilon, Olsberg, direction Winterberg and then to Medebach. Later drive in the direction of Oberschledorn/Düdinghausen.From the west: A44 Dortmund-Kassel, exit Kreuz Werl, A445 Meschede to Bestwig, Olsberg, direction Winterberg and then to Medebach. Later drive in the direction of Oberschledorn/Düdinghausen.From the Rhineland: A4 Köln-Olpe to AK Olpe, on A45 direction Dortmund to exit Olpe, B55 direction Lennestadt, B236 Schmallenberg, Winterberg and then to Medebach.From the east: A44 Dortmund-Kassel to exit Wünnenberg-Haaren, B480 Brilon, Olsberg, direction Winterberg and then to Medebach. Later drive in the direction of Oberschledorn/Düdinghausen.From the south: A5 from Frankfurt to Gießen, A485/B3 exit Marburg, B252 Wetter, B236 Hallenberg-Winterberg and then to Medebach. Later drive in the direction of Oberschledorn/Düdinghausen.


Hikers' parking lot Kahler Pön; follow the road "Zum Pön" in Düdinghausen out of town and turn right once and straight ahead directly to the parking lot.Parking lot Heimathaus on the L 854; from there follow the sign "Heimathaus"; church square is 20 m above the Heimathaus.

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