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Here you will experience Olsberg'snature in all its beauty.

This medium-length tour has a little bit of everything: Many highlights along the way, a natural routing and last but not least a beautiful half-timbered village with cozy refreshment stops.

Blick von den Bruchhauser Steinen


Blick vom Istenberg

Tour starting point:

Hiking sign at the fire oak on the Rothaarsteig, Olsberg Bruchhausen

Tour destination point:

Hiking table at the fire oak on the Rothaarsteig, Olsberg Bruchhausen


  • Quality Trail Wanderbares Deutschland
  • promising
  • Round trip
  • Refreshment stop
  • cultural / historical




8.6 km


2:31 Std.

Elevation ascent

225 m

Elevation descent

225 m

Altitude (Minimum)

480 m

Altitude (Maximum)

650 m





Recommended seasons


The Schmalah Valley Tour starts at the fire oak on the Rothaarsteig and leads with views of the golden village of Elleringhausen past to the InfoCenter of the Bruchhauser Steine. Here the detour up to the stony giants is recommended. An entrance fee for the visit of the Bruchhauser STeine is required and must be paid at the InfoCenter. This detour will mean about 2 km of additional walking, which is well worth it.

A view of the privately owned Wasserschloss and the European Gold Village Bruchhausen rewards the effort of the easy ascent. Furthermore, you reach the Silver Lake, the drinking water for Brilon. Not for nothing the lake has this beautiful name.

Wanderportal Feuereiche auf dem Rothaarsteig

Wandertafel Rothaarsteig Feuereiche

Ausgangspunkt Region Sauerland Wanderdörfer - Feuereiche auf dem Rothaarsteig Wanderparkplatz zwischen Olsberg-Bruchhausen/Elleringhausen und Brilon-Wald.

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Aussichtspunkt „Falkenwacht“

Aussichtspunkt „Falkenwacht“

Beobachtungsturm unterhalb des Bornsteins, dem Lieblingsbrutplatz des Wanderfalken

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Naturschätze Wanderfalke und Uhu Bruchhauser Steine
Naturschätze Entstehung Bruchhauser Steine
Naturschätze Bruchhauser Steine
Bruchhauser Steine

Die Bruchhauser Steine

Der größte der vier markanten Bruchhauser Steine – der Feldstein – ist begehbar.

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Die Bruchhauser Steine

Bruchhauser Steine

Die Bruchhauser Steine liegen etwa 1 km nordöstlich der Ortschaft Olsberg- Bruchhausen auf dem 727 m hohen Istenberg.

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Parkplatz Infozentrum Bruchhauser Steine

Parkplatz Infozentrum Bruchhauser Steine

Parkplatz am Informationszentrum Bruchhauser Steine.

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Abenteuerspielplatz Bruchhausen


Der Abenteuerspielplatz liegt direkt an dem Sportplatz in Bruchhausen.

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Aussichtspunkt Feldstein

Aussichtspunkt Feldstein

Begehbarer Pophyrfels mit herrlicher Aussichtsmöglichkeit

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Naturschätze Laubwald

Erlebnisweg Drumecke

Erlebnispfad für Kinder im Golddorf Bruchhausen

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Wasserschloss Bruchhausen
Dortmunder Sauerlandhütte
Parkplatz „Drachenplatz“ Bruchhauser Steine

Outdooractive Poi Fallback Bild

Mittlerer der drei Parkplätze an den Bruchhauser Steinen

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Parkplatz „Panoramaplatz“ Bruchhauser Steine

Outdooractive Poi Fallback Bild

Oberster der drei Parkplätze an den Bruchhauser Steinen

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Schmalah See (Seelenort)


Wunderschön gelegener Waldsee im Tal zwischen Brilon und Olsberg

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Start at the small parking lot directly at the fire oak, between Olsberg-Bruchhausen/Elleringhausen and Willingen/Brilon.Cross the road once .Well signposted and marked with the trail sign B1 and the trail sign of the Rothaarsteig, the hiking trail leads around the in the direction of Bruchhausen. Through the gateway to the Rothaarsteig and below the InfoCenter of the Bruchhauser Steine, the trail leads with a beautiful view in /above the gold village.Through the InfoCenter of the Bruchhauser Steine you have the possibility to hike the stones by paying an entrance fee as well.additional approx. 2 km). The 4 stony giants are worth it in any case to tackle these additional kilometers. (Further information under: )Uphill it goes now further around the Istenberg. The Silbersee , the Brilon drinking water is then on the last third of the tour along the way. Here a rest is recommendable. However, the water may not be used for refreshment. Signs point this out.The last section then leads uphill back to the hiker's parking lot at the fire oak.

Safty guidelines

Attention: the Silver Lake is the drinking water for the city of Brilon. Please do not refresh in the lake.

Public transiot

Olsberg train station ( Hagen-Kassel railroad line)Brilon-Wald station ( Hagen-Kassel railroad line)www.bahn.deR 31 Bus connection Olsberg-Bruchhausen or Elleringhausen

Getting there

L 743 Olsberg-Elleringhausen in the direction of


Parking lot located directly on the L 743. Attention: busy country road.The parking space is limited. If the parking spaces are occupied, you can park below the railroad tunnel Brilon-Wald.A path leads directly below the road up to the fire oak.

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