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A short time out...

on the Veischede sun path, around the beautiful Veischede valley.

Ausblick von der Hohen Bracht

Infotafel am Veischeder Sonnenpfad



Wegemarkierung Veischeder Sonnenpfad

Ausblicke am Veischeder Sonnenpfad


Burg Bilstein

Wegezeichen: Veischeder Sonnenpfad

Tour starting point:

Veischede valley (altitude profile starts at the hermitage)

Tour destination point:

Veischede valley (elevation profile ends at the hermitage)


  • Stage tour
  • promising
  • Round trip
  • Refreshment stop
  • family friendly
  • cultural / historical

Additional Information




37.7 km


11:05 Std.

Elevation ascent

993 m

Elevation descent

993 m

Altitude (Minimum)

266 m

Altitude (Maximum)

585 m





Recommended seasons

The hike along the "Veischede Sun Trail" is not entirely undemanding. But the rewards are magnificent views of pretty half-timbered towns and wide fields and forests - and the "Lowwerhannes-Brotzeitbrett".
Anyone who is fit and athletically ambitious can complete the "Veischede Sun Trail" in the Sauerland in one day. After all, the circular trail that leads through the Sauerland's Veischede Valley is only 37 kilometers long. But it would be a shame if that didn't leave enough time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings: for example, the view of the pretty half-timbered villages nestling in the valley, or the vast fields and forests. One of the highlights along the way is also Burg Bilstein, which was built in the 13th century and is now used as a youth hostel. The castle courtyard is excellent for a self-brought picnic. Hiking groups can also take a break at the youth hostel by appointment.
A special tip for refreshment on the way is the "Lowwenhannes-Brotzeitbrett", which is offered in many establishments along the way. The snack is named after Johann II, the last nobleman who lived at Burg Bilstein and died in 1365. His ghost is said to still roam the woods around the castle today. Those who receive the snack get fresh Sauerland gray bread, homemade sausage and ham, and a herbal schnapps.
Since 2013, the "Veischede Sun Trail" bears the seal of approval "Quality Trail Wanderbares Deutschland".

Only 15 km from the BAB Sauerlandlinie (A45), the gently swinging landscape of the southern Sauerland welcomes you. Enjoy and discover imposing heights, the spicy, clear air and the views into the valley with its pretty half-timbered villages on the Veischede Sun Trail.

Hike one stage from place to place or the whole round ( approx. 10-12 hrs.), stop in or stay overnight in one of the restaurants, hotels or guesthouses of the Veischede valley gastronomy , where the friendly innkeepers will be happy to welcome and entertain you.

Burg Bilstein


Eine mittelalterliche Burg aus dem 12. Jh. mit Jugendherberge.

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Wanderportal Bilstein


Ausgangspunkt Region Sauerland-Wanderdörfer Bilstein Kurzweile Wanderungen mit Einkehrmöglichkeiten u.

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Aqua Fun Veischedetal


Naturbad mit biologischer Wasseraufbereitung in privater Trägerschaft

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Einsiedelei - Apollmicke - Fahlenscheid - Tecklinghausen - Oberveischede - Jäckelchen - Bilstein - Bonzel - Rüberg - Hohe Bracht - Einsiedelei

Safty guidelines

Information about the rescue boardsMostly hiking trails run away from villages and settlements and every hiker has already thought about what would happen if there was an emergency. How can I be found here? Where am I at all? Can the rescue service reach me?But in an emergency, things have to happen quickly! That's why the Veischede Sun Trail is equipped with so-called rescue signs throughout. On the green and white plaques, which are attached to the posts of the signposts, there is a number that you have to give when you make your emergency call. This way, the emergency services know exactly where you are and valuable time can be saved.

Public transiot

Some entry points can be easily reached by bus. For example Altenhundem and Bilstein.

Getting there

Only 15 km from the BAB Sauerlandlinie (A45), you reach the starting point of the hike at the hermitage.


Along the trail there are always parking places for hikers, which can be used as an entry point to the trail.

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