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**Due to forestry work, the Wisent Trail in the Jagdhaus area must be rerouted via Rivieraweg to just before Wingeshausen. A detour is signposted.**





Wisent-Pfad - Tretbecken

Wisent-Pfad - Tretbecken

Wanderung in Bad Berleburg: Tierisches Wandervergnügen: Wisent-Pfad - Rothaarsteig-Spur

Rothaarsteig-Spur Wisent-Pfad - ein tierisches Wandervergnügen

Tour starting point:

"Sonnenhof", Jagdhaus, parking lot Wisent Wilderness

Tour destination point:

At the chosen starting point: "Sonnenhof", Jagdhaus or Wisent-Wilderness parking lot.


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Additional Information

Refreshment stops along the route:

Further information:

  • Tourist Information Bad Berleburg
    Marktplatz 1a
    57319 Bad Berleburg
    Tel. +49 2751 9363-3

Marking: three markers (a bison burnt in wood, the Black R, logo of the bison world on white background)

For more information about the Rothaarsteig, visit www.rothaarsteig.de or call the free service hotline at +49 2974 / 499 4163. Here we will be happy to advise you on your personal tour planning.




13.6 km


4:30 Std.

Elevation ascent

350 m

Elevation descent

350 m

Altitude (Minimum)

455 m

Altitude (Maximum)

676 m





Recommended seasons


The hiking trail around Aue-Wingeshausen delights with picturesque views and exciting wildlife. Marvel at the world of the bison and follow the tracks of these majestic animals.

The bison can be seen in the wild in Wittgenstein and are the godfather of the 13.5-kilometer hiking trail "Wisent-Pfad" in Wingeshausen.

Thanks to a nature conservation project that is unique for Western Europe, the robust animals have been living in the Rothaargebirge mountains since 2013 and roam freely through the forests of the princely family of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg.

The bison trail leads along soft, partly very narrow forest paths and invites you on a discovery tour. Small wooden boards with a bison branded on them lead you through varied forests to the Rothaar ridge.

The "Wisent Wilderness on the Rothaarsteig" offers a special insight. A second herd of wisents is at home there. The bison trail leads from Wingeshausen over the Rothaar ridge to Schmallenberg-Jagdhaus, through the picturesque valley of the Ihrige and paths in the Bockeshorn valley back to Wingeshausen.

Sonnenhof - Hofladen und Hofcafé

Sonnenhof, Außenansicht

Der Sonnenhof - gelegen auf einer Anhöhe in Wingeshausen - mit herrlichem Ausblick über das idyllische Dorf und in unmittelbarer Nähe zum Rothaarsteig und Wisentpfad.

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Naturhof Jochen Born

Outdooractive Poi Fallback Bild

Aus Begeisterung zu Mensch, Tier und Natur! Erleben Sie Natur auf dem Bauernhof von Heike und Jochen Born in Wingeshausen.

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Parkplatz Sonnenhof

Parkplatz Rothaarsteig

Hier können Sie kostenlos parken.

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Augenstein Wisent-Pfad

Augenstein Wisentpfad

Augensteine verbinden Natur und Kulturerlebnisse - und eröffnen neue Sichtweise auf herausragende Baudenkmäler.

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Fledermaustollen "Hinter'm Homberg"
Tretbecken Rohrbach

Tretbecken Rohrbach

Direkt am Wisent-Pfad gelegen, lädt dieses Tretbecken zu einer Rast mit Erfrischung ein.

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Parkplatz Wisent-Wildnis

Hinweisschild Wisent-Wildnis

Hier können Sie kostenlos parken.

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Natur-Erlebnis-Spielplatz "Kleiner Wisent"

Wasserplatz Natur-Erlebnis-Spielplatz "Kleiner Wisent"

Hier spielen Kinder nach Herzenslust, probieren natürliche Materialien aus, bauen und konstruieren mitten in der Natur.

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Die Wisent-Hütte bietet ein attraktives gastronomisches Angebot, eine einzigartige Hütten-Atmosphäre und eine außergewöhnliche Lage inmitten wilder und ursprünglicher Natur.

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Wisent-Wildnis am Rothaarsteig


Gönn dir in der Wisent-Wildnis ein ganz besonderes Natur-Abenteuer mit der ganzen Familie.

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Rastplatz Borlingsbach

Schutzhütte und Bänke mit Wanderern

Schutzhütte und Bänke

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Tretbecken am Bortlingsbach

Tretbecken Wingeshausen

Idyllisches Tretbecken in Wingeshausen

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Rastplatz Aussicht Wingeshausen

Wanderer sitzend auf einer Bank

Damit alle Wanderer in den Genuss eines schönen Rastplatzes kommen, bitten wir Sie, Ihren Müll wieder mitzunehmen.

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Jagdstuben Grünewald

Aussenansicht Jagdstuben Grünewald

Restaurant und Gasthof in Mitten der Wittgensteiner Wälder.

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Bahnhof Aue-Wingeshausen

Bahnhof Aue-Wingeshausen

Der Bahnhof in Aue hat nur ein Gleis mit einem kurzen Bahnsteig.

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Klettergebiet "Kapplerstein"

Kletterfelsen Kapplerstein

Entdecke den Geheimtipp unter Kletterern - das 2009 eingerichtete Klettergebiet "Kapplerstein"!

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Our start and finish is the Sonnenhof above Wingeshausen. After a special view through the Augenstein, we walk through the extensive Rohrbach valley and past the new treading pool including a rest area. After about six kilometers on winding paths we reach the "Wisent Wilderness on the Rothaarsteig". There you have the opportunity to enjoy a circular walk through the enclosure and marvel at the largest land mammals in Europe. Jumping over streams, stalking through a badger burrow and climbing rock formations - the natural adventure trail is a real highlight on this tour, and families with little nature explorers in particular will be thrilled. Admission to the bison wilderness is subject to a fee, but the large nature playground can be experienced free of charge. As a rest stop the "Wisent-Hütte" invites you.With or without a detour into the bison wilderness - the path leads in the direction of the Schmallenberg district of Jagdhaus. On the way to the romantic village we pass the moonlight bank and cross the Grenzweg only a few meters further on. We reach the Rothaarsteig via a feeder road and continue our route on this hiking trail. In Jagdhaus you have the opportunity to refresh your tired feet in a pedal pool . Well refreshed, we continue the route.In the middle of the village a branch off into the valley to Wingeshausen opens up, this leads through the picturesque valley of the Ihrige. Via varied paths we reach the Bockeshorn valley. Finally we pass the Forellenhof. From here it is only a few kilometers to Wingeshausen.

Safty guidelines

Information about the rescue boards on the RothaarsteigMost hiking trails run away from towns and settlements and every hiker has at some time thought about what would happen if an emergency were to occur. How can I be found here? Where am I at all? Can the rescue service reach me?But in an emergency things have to happen quickly! For this reason, the Rothaarsteig is equipped throughout with so-called rescue signs. On the green and white plaques, which are attached to the posts of the signposts, there is a number which you must give when making your emergency call. This way, emergency personnel will know exactly where you are and valuable time can be saved.Wisent and wild animals on the Rothaarsteig - tips for behaviourThe risks posed by the bison for the normal hiker are small and can be reduced to an absolute minimum by appropriately adapted and respectful behaviour.Walk quietly and unobtrusively at a distance past the animals, do not frighten them and do not look them directly in the eye.If the animals approach you, remain calm, do not Wenden your back to them, and leave the area without rushing, but always keep your eyes on the animal. If the animals fall below a distance that makes you uncomfortable, call loudly, whistle, or otherwise make yourself heard. Watch out for threatening gestures! If sows "chatter their teeth" or bison lower their heads, they are expecting your retreat. Back away!If you have a dog with you, keep it under control on a leash. If an animal attacks your dog, unleash it! The dog is faster and more agile than you and will definitely find you again!Note on the increased risk of forest firesPlease keep in mind that due to the drought there is currently an increased risk of forest fires!Therefore please pay attention to the following hints:Observe the legal ban on smoking in the forest - it applies in spring, summer and autumn, more precisely: from March 1 to October 31.Observe the ban on open fires in the forest and within 100 meters of the forest.Take glass out of the forest - the burning glass effect can start forest fires.When it's (too) late:Extinguish small incipient fires if you can do so safely. Carefully inspect the site if necessary.Report fires via "112".Leave the danger area by the shortest route.The forest thanks you!

Public transiot

By train from Bad Berleburg station you reach the village Aue-Wingeshausen after 20 minutes. From there it is about 800 m walk to the parking lot Westertal, where the tour starts.Take the bus line L196 from the train station to the bus stop Kappler Mühle in Wingeshausen. From there it is only a 200 m walk to the parking lot Westertal.https://www.zws-online.de/fileadmin/contents/2_fahrplaene_liniennetz/2_1_fahrplaene/2_1_3_fahrplantabellen/2_1_3_1_schienenstrecken/443.pdfhttps://www.vws-siegen.de/pdf/L196.pdfWe recommend you to use the public transport at the beginning of your tour and to position a car at the end point. This way you do not have to follow the bus / train schedule on your hike.

Getting there

Coming from Bad Berleburg and from Erndtebrück via L553 to Aue Ortsmitte, then via K42 direction Wingeshausen/Jagdhaus, coming from Schmallenberg along K42 to the end of Wingeshausen; Alternatively: parking lot Wisent-Wildnis, Weidiger WegCar: An der Bracht 50, 57319 Bad Berleburg; Weidiger Weg 100, 57319 Bad BerleburgHikers' parking lot Jagdhaus (at the end of the village of Jagdhaus) , 57392 Schmallenberg-Jagdhaus


Parking Westertal at the sports field, Casimirstaler Weg 1 in 57319 Bad Berleburg-Wingeshausen.Parking at the Sonnenhof, An der Bracht 50, 57319 Bad Berleburg sufficient free parking spaces available.Parking at the Wisent-Wilderness/Wisent-Hut - Weidinger Weg 100, 57319 Bad Berleburg - sufficient free parking spaces available

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