Long-distance and long-distance hiking in Sauerland

The story

Me against myself - challenge accepted

That was a tough climb. I knew it wouldn't be easy, but intense. But that was the challenge: up to the highest peak, snappier than the tour app specifies.

I made it easily, but the beginning was a bit strenuous at that pace. I chose a good route, sporty and ambitious - especially when I'm racing against the clock and against myself.

Höhenmesservergleich am Langenberg

The long-distance trails and circular hikes that they present in the tour portal are well suited for this. Length, elevation gain, estimated tour duration, all indicated. I make it faster, every time. That's my goal, but the question is always: How much faster? This time it was almost two hours less than a dawdling walker. And I still had enough time for coffee breaks, one at the summit cross, one later in the forest.

Beautiful views along the way, I must say. Maybe I'll do the tour again sometime, a bit slower and more enjoyable. But before that, I'll do the other round trips . First tear off goals, then make loose.

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Sauerland-Spuren - die besondern Wandertipps

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