Regional multi-day hiking trails

The nine most beautiful multi-day hiking tours in NRW

Certified multi-day hiking tours

In all Sauerland-Wanderdorf villages there are certified multi-day hiking trails that can be hiked in stages or as a site hike. Some of these certified trails can also be combined with each other. The Uplandsteig and Diemelsteig also offer popular trekking sites for nature lovers.

Ausblick auf den wiederaufgeforsteten Wald.
Winterberg high tour
Difficulty: Difficult | Distance: 90.4km | Duration: 26:5h | Ascent: 2697m | Descent: 2705m
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Hochsauerland Kammweg
Difficulty: Medium | Distance: 33.7km | Duration: 8:30h | Ascent: 757m | Descent: 681m
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Wandern auf dem Diemelsteig
Diemelsteig quality hiking trail - the rustic hiking trail with heart
Difficulty: Medium | Distance: 63.2km | Duration: 18:8h | Ascent: 1700m | Descent: 1700m
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Gipfelkreuz Opolt in Medebach-Dreislar
Medebach mountain path
Difficulty: Medium | Distance: 68.3km | Duration: 20:0h | Ascent: 1381m | Descent: 1381m
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Ausblick von der Hohen Bracht
Veischede Sun Trail
Difficulty: Medium | Distance: 37.6km | Duration: 11:5h | Ascent: 993m | Descent: 993m
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Barfuss gehen auf dem Kneippweg
Kneipp WanderWeg Olsberg - water, hiking and well-being
Difficulty: Difficult | Distance: 41.3km | Duration: 12:30h | Ascent: 1366m | Descent: 1369m
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Uplandsteig - THE original -
Difficulty: Difficult | Distance: 67.2km | Duration: 19:5h | Ascent: 1532m | Descent: 1532m
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Brilon Kammweg
Difficulty: Difficult | Distance: 49.6km | Duration: 14:0h | Ascent: 1360m | Descent: 1360m
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Freizeitanlage Bullenwiese
Myths and legends trail - adventure tour in the Nuhne valley
Difficulty: Difficult | Distance: 26.9km | Duration: 9:0h | Ascent: 789m | Descent: 789m
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