Trekkingplätze Sauerland

Stargazing in Sauerland

Spend the night in the middle of nature

The whole thing has something of a "My dear diary" story about it. "My dear diary, I'm sitting here in the Sauerland and finally crossing an item off my lion list, or bucket list - call it what you will." Yeah, pretty much sums it up. I'm sitting here with my cup of coffee, still nice and hot. My buddy has crawled into the tent once, think he needs to catch up on some sleep. Let him do it, we'll have plenty of time to look around tomorrow.

Ein Wanderer sitzt auf einem Trekkingplatz in Hallenberg mit seinem Hund vor einem Zelt

It was drizzling a bit when we pitched the tent, but now the air has that "freshly washed" green scent. I hope it stays clear now, I want to crawl out of my sleeping bag and look at the stars tonight. Stargazing in the Sauerland. I know the region, my friend and I have been here several times hikeMost of the time we stayed in a guesthouse or a hiking inn. Camping in the Sauerland - we do that for the first time.

It had something of scavenger hunt, the trekking place to find the trekking site here. It is close to the hiking trail, but still quiet and a bit out of the way. They gave us the coordinates when we booked, they are not even on the website yet. Let's see if anyone happens to join us today, or if this wooden platform is a really good hiding place.

So this night is all ours. There is enough space for two tents, next time we should bring a few more people. We can also come by train, Travel tips they have given us. But first we work ourselves in pairs from trekking place to trekking place. I quickly go through the route for tomorrow and then it's into the sleeping bag. I have to set the alarm clock quickly, because I want to sit in front of the tent again tonight. Stargazing in the Sauerland.

Trekkingplatz Talblick am Sauerland-Höhenflug bei Sonnenaufgang
Trekkingplätze Hallenberg
Draußen schlafen, die Ruhe und Natur genießen - dies ist nun auf den Trekkingplätzen im Naturpark Sauerland Rothaargebirge in Hallenberg möglich.
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Zelt auf auf einem Platz im Trekkingpark Sauerland
Trekkingpark Sauerland
Overnight accommodation at various trekking sites in the middle of nature and directly on the hiking trails Diemelsteig and Uplandsteig.
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Blick auf die Pausenbänke am Trekkingplatz Himmelsnah

Fernblick vom Trekkingplatz Himmelsnah

Fernblick vom Trekkingplatz Himmelsnah
Trekkingplätze Brilon
Mit Rucksack und Zelt die Landschaft im Briloner Süden genießen auf dem Rothaarsteig, der Sauerland-Waldroute oder dem Briloner Kammweg.
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Blick auf den Trekkingplatz in Niedersfeld mit Zeltplatz, Bank und Komposttoilette
Trekkingplätze Winterberg
Die Trekkingplätze liegen alle an der Winterberger Hochtour und befinden sich in Nähe von Elkeringhausen, Mollseifen sowie zwischen Niedersfeld und Siedlinghausen.
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