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Hiking portal Medebach mountain trail

Starting point Region Sauerland-Wanderdorf - Weddelsee Medebach

Portaltafel Medebacher Bergweg


Hiking portal Medebacher Bergweg - Hiking parking lot

59964 Medebach

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Weddelsee Medebach hiking portal

This hiking parking lot directly at the Weddelssee lake is the starting point of the "Medebacher Bergweg" quality hiking trail.
Experience the beauty of the Medebach Bay in all of Medebach's districts. The quality trail touches all the villages of the
town, leads over the highest mountains and winds its way through untouched valleys of the Ostsauerland. You can choose whether to hike towards the mountains or towards Oberschledorn first. Both routes start here at Weddelsee. A portal board informs hikers about the 66 km long trail.

In addition to the Medebach mountain trail and the A1, A2 and A3 circular hiking trails, the Steinhelle-Medebach miniature railway hiking trail also starts here.

Text source: Touristik-Gesellschaft Medebach mbH

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