Kyrill-Pfad Schanze

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On the Kyrill-Pfad Schanze you can observe the development of the forest after the storm Kyrill.

Barrierefreier Teil des Kyrill-Pfad in Schmallenberg - Schanze

Kyrill-Pfad in Schmallenberg - Schanze

Barrierefreier Teil des Kyrill-Pfad in Schmallenberg - Schanze

Kyrill-Pfad in Schanze am Rothaarsteig

Aussichtsplattform am Kyrill-Pfad in Schanze

Natur erleben auf dem Kyrill-Pfad im Schmallenberger Sauerland

Krummstab des WaldSkulpturenWegs am Kyrill-Pfad Schanze

Krummstab des WaldSkulpturenWegs bei Schmallenberg - Schanze

Krummstab des WaldSkupturenWegs am Kyrill-Pfad

Tour starting point:

Kyrill hut in Schanze

Tour destination point:

Near Kyrill hut in Schanze


  • suitable for baby carriages
  • There and back
  • family-friendly
  • Flora




1 km


0:30 Std.

Elevation ascent

20 m

Elevation descent

10 m

Altitude (Minimum)

720 m

Altitude (Maximum)

739 m





Recommended seasons


On the 1000 m long path, visitors experience the chaos after the storm Kyill on January 18, 2007. The land owned by the state was left to its own devices after the storm. Today, visitors can see how new plants are reclaiming the area.

250 meters of the path are designed to be barrier-free and make the storm area accessible to wheelchair users and families with small children.

Skulptur Der Krummstab

Krummstab des WaldSkulpturenWegs am Kyrill-Pfad Schanze

Die einzigartigen Arbeiten von zehn international bekannten Künstlerinnen und Künstlern machen aus dem WaldSkulpturenWeg Wittgenstein-Sauerland eine unvergleichliche öffentliche Kunstgalerie in der Natur, die zu jeder Jahreszeit betreten werden kann.

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On January 18, 2007, hurricane Kyrill destroyed huge areas of forest in Südwestfalen.In Schmallenberg-Schanze, the forest was deliberately preserved on an area owned by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, just as Kyrill left it. The idea is to set up a representative reference area and create a unique viewing and experience project.Visitors will be able to experience the chaos left behind by Kyrill up close and personal along a 1000-meter path. Wooden walkways and steep stepladders lead over heights and depths past imposing root plates to viewing platforms right in the center of the storm damage.A special feature is that part of the trail, around 250 meters, has been designed to be accessible to wheelchair users and families with small children.The Kyrill Trail is located in the Upper Sauerland Regional Forestry Office at the end of Schmallenberg - Schanze and is also easily accessible via the Kühhude hiking parking lot near Bad Berleburg.

Safty guidelines

The Kyrill-Pfad trail leads over wooden walkways, steep steps and tree trunks. Please note that these can be slippery in wet weather.A rescue point system has been installed in the Hochsauerland district. Rescue points can be found on the information boards at junctions and hiking signposts.

Public transiot

Schanze can be reached with the Schmallenberg Sauerland hiking bus.

Getting there

In the Schmallenberg district of Grafschaft, turn off towards Schanze in the center of the village.The Kyrill-Pfad can also be easily reached via the Kühhude hiking parking lot near Bad Berleburg.


There is a parking lot along the Kyrill-Pfad. Use the hiking parking lot at the entrance to Schanze. From there it is approx. 600 m on foot to the Kyrill-Pfad.

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