Blick-ins-Land Kahle Pön (Rothaarsteig trail and quality tour)

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A short, pleasant tour that offers you heathland, great views and a rustic stop-off.








Video Graf Stolberg Hütte

Tour starting point:

Hikers' parking lot "Auf`m Knoll" in Willingen-Usseln

Tour destination point:

Hikers' parking lot "Auf`m Knoll" in Willingen-Usseln


  • promising
  • Insider tip
  • Summit tour
  • Round trip
  • Refreshment stop
  • family-friendly

Additional Information




7.7 km


2:05 Std.

Elevation ascent

145 m

Elevation descent

145 m

Altitude (Minimum)

651 m

Altitude (Maximum)

743 m





Recommended seasons


The Rothaarsteig trail "Blick-ins-Land Kahle Pön", marked with the black and white Rothaarsteig logo, inspires with fantastic panoramic views around the Kahle Pön.

In addition to the varied heathland, the panoramic views at the Usseler Kreuz and the Kalied are simply indescribably beautiful.


An der Diemelquelle

https://de. wikipedia.

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Kahle-Pön Düdinghausen hiking parking lot

Wanderportal Natutweg Kahler Pön

Starting point Region Sauerland Wanderdörfer - hiking portal Naturweg Kahler Pön At the hiking parking lot, above the village and the road "Zum Pön", you will find the portal board of the Naturweg Kahler Pön and a hiking portal map of Medebach Touristik with the description of the two premium trails "Naturweg Kahle-Pön" and "Geologischer Rundweg Düdinghausen".

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Aussichtspunkt Kalied

Sonnenaufgang am Aussichtspunkt Kalied

Auf der Kalied (745 m) bietet sich ein atemberaubendes Panorama über die, als europäisches Vogelschutzgebiet ausgewiesene, Medebacher Bucht.

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First on asphalt for 300 m - please walk - to the "Graf Stolberg Hütte". Shortly after the hut, turn left, walk downhill for around 250 m and then turn right into the forest before reaching the connecting road. A quick note at this point: it is only 80 m to the Diemel spring on the other side of the road, but it is worth it! Then back to the forest and now diagonally uphill to the main path, the Uplandsteig. We follow this: first on a narrow path through sparse forest, then we cross the "Am Pön" ski slope. We soon continue on velvety paths to the summit cross. Here you have a magnificent view of Usseln and the surrounding Upland mountains. In August and September, the Heid is in bloom, simply uniquely beautiful!Another small path leads us slightly downhill and past the barbecue station until we secretly cross the border into North Rhine-Westphalia. From here, we head uphill again towards Spitzbubenbusch. Strange name. A long, long time ago, traders plied their trade at this crossroads. Only a few more steps to the Kalied mountain (745 m). Take a break and enjoy the wonderful view! "lied" means steep slope and "Ka" = bare. And both together = beautiful views according to the title description.From Kalied past the meadow and downhill through Buchenwald. (Warning signs "Wild boar" indicate the presence of this animal species). Turn right in a hollow. Up to the turning point, the path becomes narrower and is marked as a nature trail. Now we are accompanied by beautiful views along the Hessen/North Rhine-Westphalia border. Within sight of the Graf Stolberg Hütte, we recognize a boundary stone before the turn-off mentioned at the beginning, an ancient one from 1769! But now we have an important decision to make: stop off at the rustic hut, rest here or carry on? It's only 300 m to the parking lot or our destination, or we hike "backwards because it was so beautiful; the quality tour is only 6.9 km long.

Public transiot

Bus/train to Willingen train station, continue by bus or shared cab (various stops in all districts)

Getting there

By car via the B251 to Willingen (Upland), Usseln district. In the village, turn off the B251 Korbach Straße into the street "Zur Heid" (next to the Upland farmer's dairy), under the railroad tunnel, past the Diemel spring in the direction of Titmaringhausen. From the underpass approx. 2.1 km to the hiking parking lot "Auf`m Knoll". Follow the signs for "Graf Stolberg Hütte" and "Diemelquelle".


Hikers' parking lot "Auf`m Knoll" or below the "Graf Stolberg Hütte" or hikers' parking lot at the Diemelquelle.

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