"Border Stories Up Close" - From the Rhein-Weser-Turm to the Schwarzbachtal Valley

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The themed hikes "Border stories up close" make cultural and natural history on the Rothaarsteig through insightful anecdotes and stories to experience (audio stories as podcast).

This border story offers a tower climb, a stay in an idyllic nature reserve and an interesting anecdote from the border area Sauerland - Wittgenstein.

Grenzgeschichten am Rhein-Weser-Turm


Brücke im Schwarzbachtal


Wasserfurt im Schwarzbachtal

Tour starting point:

Rothaarsteig hiking portal Rhein-Weser-Turm on the L553 (Kirchhundem - Bad Berleburg)

Tour destination point:

Rothaarsteig Hiking Portal Rhein-Weser-Turm


  • promising
  • Round trip
  • Refreshment stop
  • family friendly
  • cultural / historical

Additional Information

Tower ascent and stop at the Rhein-Weser-Turm mountain hotel

Refreshment stop: Restaurant"Zur Hahnenquelle




11.4 km


3:05 Std.

Elevation ascent

228 m

Elevation descent

214 m

Altitude (Minimum)

474 m

Altitude (Maximum)

681 m





Recommended seasons


Pure nature in the NSG Schwarzbachtal, the discovery of the Hufeisenstein and interesting facts about the Rhein-Weser-Turm incl. tower ascent. Audio stories about this trail - Hufeisenstein and Rhein-Weser-Turm - for download !

Langlaufgebiet Rhein-Weser-Turm


Das Langlaufgebiet um den Rhein-Weser-Turm erstreckt sich mitten am Rothaarsteig auf einer Höhe von rund 700m über NN.

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Trennung vom RHSZ
Grenzgeschichten hautnah: Hufeisenstein

Natur im Schwarzbachtal

Mit "Grenzgeschichten hautnah" entsteht mitten in der Natur "Kino im Kopf" .

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Naturschätze heimliche Bewohner Schwarzbachtal
Naturschätze natürlicher Bach Schwarzbachtal
Naturschätze Feuchtwiesen und Moore Schwarzbachtal
Trennung vom RHS
Grenzgeschichten hautnah: Der Rhein-Weser-Turm


Aufschlussreiche Hörgeschichte zum Rhein-Weser-Turm.

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This border history offers a tower ascent, a stay in an idyllic nature reserve and an interesting anecdote from the border area Sauerland - Wittgenstein.First you follow the hiking sign K or X 18 from the Rothaarsteig hiking portal in the direction of Rüspe to the Schwarzbachtal. Attention! Arrived at Rüspe, you first cross a small yard until you are in front of a fenced part of the path. Open the gate of the fence and continue to follow the path until you reach the bridge.After the bridge turn right and follow the Rothaarsteig access path (yellow-black marking), which runs parallel to the wide valley bottom of the Schwarzbach. Attention ! If you want to find the Hufeisenstein and its history, leave the Rothaarsteig access path for a detour at the hiking signpost "Hufeisenstein" and take the hiking path A 1 in the direction of the NSG Haberg for a few meters. On the height, where a forest path branches off to the right, after a few steps you go left "through the bushes" to the Kurzen Dörbach and recognize the Hufeisenstein with a trained eye. The audio story about the Hufeisenstein can be heard here. After this small exploratory detour, one follows the access path again in the Schwarzbachtal until it meets the Rothaarsteig. Via the Rothaarsteig you return towards the starting point. Besides the history of the Rhein-Weser-Turm (Podcast about the Rhein-Weser-Turm) you can enjoy a magnificent view over the "land of a thousand hills" after climbing the tower.

Safty guidelines

Information about the rescue boards:Usually hiking trails run away from towns and settlements, and every hiker has thought about what would happen if an emergency occurred now. How can I be found here? Where am I at all? Can the rescue service reach me?But in an emergency, things have to happen quickly! Therefore, the entire network of hiking trails in the hiking region of Lennestadt & Kirchhundem is equipped with so-called rescue signs throughout. On the green and white plaques, which are attached to the posts of the signposts, there is a number that you have to give when making your emergency call. This way, the emergency services know exactly where you are and valuable time can be saved.

Public transiot

Bus line R 36 Lennestadt-Altenhundem - Rhein-Weser-Turm (unfortunately only limited timetable ); info on timetables

Getting there

A 45, exit Olpe, B 55 Ricchtung Lennestadt - Altenhundem; B 55 to Kirchhundem, L 553 direction Bad Berleburg


Rothaarsteig Hiking Portal Rhein-Weser-Turm

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