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St. Michael Pilgrimage Paths
Theme Path 2: Psalms

Wegweiser Brilon

Tour starting point:

Church of St. Michael, Gudenhagen

Tour destination point:

Church of St. Michael, Gudenhagen


  • Round trip
  • Refreshment stop
  • family friendly
  • cultural / historical

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9.1 km


2:34 Std.

Elevation ascent

181 m

Elevation descent

181 m

Lowest point

469 m

Highest point

564 m





Recommended seasons


The paths begin and end at St. Michael's Church and cover 3.5 kilometers and seven stations (Path 1), 7.5 kilometers and nine stations (Path 2) and 15 kilometers and eleven stations (Path 3), each with different themes:

Path 1 is dedicated to the "Our Father" on the station panels, Path 2 to the"Psalms" and Path 3 is under the theme"Life Paths." The paths are intended to offer hikers/pilgrims the opportunity to reflect on themselves in addition to discovering and experiencing nature (directly on the Rothaarsteig); they offer rest and relaxation for body and soul. The theme boards take up the respective path and landscape impulses. The range of trails is supplemented by the St. Michael Pilgrim House, a self-catering house (former rectory) for groups of up to twelve people, set up directly at the church.

Waldfreibad Gudenhagen

Waldfreibad Gudenhagen

Mit seinen ca. 6. 500 qm Wasserfläche ist das Waldfreibad in Gudenhagen das größte Freibad in NRW und eines der größten deutschlandweit!

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Wanderparkplatz Hilbringse

Wanderportal Hilbringse

Ausgangspunkt Region Sauerland Wanderdörfer - Hilbringse Ab dem Wanderparkplatz Hilbringse startet u.

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Wanderparkplatz Bürgerwald


Ausgangspunkt Region Sauerland Wanderdörfer Bürgerwald Knotenpunkt vieler bekannter Wanderwege (Rothaarsteig, Briloner Kammweg, Sauerland Waldroute, Gewerkenweg), Startpunkt/Einstieg in das Nordic-Aktiv-Zentrum Brilon mit Loipen, Winterwanderwegen und Nordic-Walking-Strecken.

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Briloner Bürgerwald mit Kyrill-Tor

Kyrill Tor

Der Briloner Bürgerwald mit dem mächtigen Kyrill-Tor erinnert an die Zerstörungskraft des Orkans aber auch an den Wiederaufbau.

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From the church(1st station) the trail leads downhill and left to Hubertushof along the road. From there we follow the Waldroute ("W") on the left on a small forest path, which after about 100 m leads steeply uphill via a staircase. Following the path (2nd station) we turn right after about 600 m on a gravel path, after about 400 m we reach the road leading to Petersborn. We follow the road to the right, after about 150 m at the crossroads we turn left into the dirt road. We follow the path, where after about 700 m we come to the 3rd station. The path makes a right turn and ends at an asphalt road, there turn left to the 4thstation (about 350m). Continue to the crossroads, there turn right. After about 600m follow the 2nd path that turns left and goes along below the quarry. At the fork(5th station) continue to the left. Following the path we reach the 6th station at the transition from the forest to the meadow. At the end of this path we pass the small parking lot, cross the asphalt road and continue on a small gravel path towards the "Hiebammen Hütte". At the beginning of the hut area on the left side there is a bridge with the 7th station. Continue over the bridge and then follow the slightly ascending path in the direction of Petersborn, following the signs for "Rothaarsteig" (lying white R on a red background) until you reach the Kyrill Gate and the landscape window(8th station). From here back to the St. Michael church(9th station).


Festes Schuhwerk

Safty guidelines

Rescue points on the trail posts

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Flyer mit Kartenausschnitt, Wegebeschreibung und Erklärungen - erhältlich bei der Brilon Wirtschaft und Tourismus GmbH


Flyer mit Kartenausschnitt, Wegebeschreibung und Erklärungen - erhältlich bei der Brilon Wirtschaft und Tourismus GmbH

Public transiot

Bus stop Gudenhagen-Chapel

Getting there

Brilon-Gudenhagen, Breslauer Straße


Church St. Michael

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