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The Reiste Chapel Trail connects 8 villages with their chapels and the Reiste parish church on a total of 25 km of circular hiking trail.

You can choose to walk the trail in two stages. The recommendation of the SGV Reiste section is to start with the longer southern route and then hike the northern route.

Kapelle St. Margaretha in Eslohe - Beisinghausen

St. Pankratius Pfarrkirche in Reiste

St. Pankratius Pfarrkirche in Eslohe - Reiste

St. Barbara Kapelle in Eslohe - Landenbeck

Kapelle in Schmallenberg - Sögtrop

Innenraum der Kapelle in Schmallenberg - Sögtrop

St. Laurentius Kapelle in Eslohe - Herhagen

Innenraum der St. Laurentius Kapelle in Eslohe - Herhagen

Herhagen in der Ferienregion Eslohe

Ruhebank bei Nichtinghausen

St. Pankratius Pfarrkirche in Reiste

Tour starting point:

Reiste, St. Pankratius parish church, Meschede Straße (B 55)

Tour destination point:

Reiste, St. Pankratius parish church, Meschede Straße (B 55)


  • promising
  • Round trip
  • cultural / historical




18.5 km


5:00 Std.

Elevation ascent

350 m

Elevation descent

350 m

Altitude (Minimum)

323 m

Altitude (Maximum)

486 m





Recommended seasons


Chapels and wayside crosses are frequent companions in the municipality of Reiste. They bear witness to the deep religiosity that the people here have practiced for centuries. Faith and prayer have always been part of everyday life. The bells of the churches marked the day, religious festivals the year. Shrines or wayside crosses were often erected out of gratitude or as a reminder of special events and are still cherished and cared for by local families to this day. Of course, each village has its own chapel and each is dedicated to a different patron saint.

The 22.6 km (25.7 km) long Chapel Trail invites you to discover this tradition and the many beautiful chapels in the chapel villages around Reiste. Hike along secluded forest paths and discover the stories of the small places of worship. Along the way, impressive views will punctuate your hike, as will the many gems along the way, framed by nature.the chapel trail offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the village structure of an old-established Sauerland community. You will get an idea of what it was like to live "in the village", in reliable structures, but also with many a challenge. For example, it was commonplace to walk to school "over the hill", even in the snowy winter, or to walk to the next larger village, Reiste, in wind and weather to go to church on Sundays. People maintained contact between the larger and smaller villages. On all sorts of occasions, at festivals and celebrations, the footpaths were not shunned. Whether it was the marksmen's festival, harvest festival or the traditional Reiste market: people went to Reiste, celebrated together and spent pleasant hours together. These encounters still take place today. However, on such occasions, many residents now tend to walk back to their home village. On the one hand because of the beautiful nature, on the other hand probably also because of the one or other beer, which can be better digested while walking...

Reiste and its chapel villages have retained their lively associations to this day... Walk the chapel trail and encounter a real piece of Sauerland with its traditions. Be inspired by nature as you walk between the chapels and find peace and quiet. Stop off at a chapel or two and hold a silent prayer. Or sit down on a bench along the way, enjoy nature or admire one of the small works of art along the way.

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Reiste - Niederreiste 1.4 kmThe Kapellenweg begins in Reiste at the parish church of St. Pankratius. After crossing the B55 at the traffic lights, walk past the former Protestant church out of the village and turn left. Walk above the sports field in the direction of Niederreiste. There you will reach your first destination, the 14 Nothelfer Kapelle.Niederreiste - Beisinghausen 1.4 kmNext to the chapel, cross the B55 again and turn right onto the path. Continue across the eastern field to Beisinghausen. Turn left and walk up into the village. The St. Margaretha Chapel is located in the middle of the village.Beisinghausen - Landenbeck 4.7 kmPassing the old smithy and the war memorial, the chapel trail now quickly gains altitude. You leave Beisinghausen behind you and reach the Sauerland-Höhenflug halfway up the mountain. Follow this further up the mountain to the "Sohl". Here you leave the Sauerland-Höhenflug to the left. Continue over the ridge and slightly downhill along the flank of the Landenbeck valley. Turn left again and walk through the forest to the village of Landenbeck. A little way down the village you will find St. Barbara's Chapel.Landenbeck - Sögtrop 3.1 kmThe chapel trail splits a little behind the chapel. From here, you can take the loop via Sögtrop. Walk along the road through the village over the Hennebach. After the village, walk up the hill towards Sögtrop. Continue on the loop of the chapel trail through the forest and down into the Rarbachtal valley to Sögtrop. There you will reach the St. Blasius Chapel.Sögtrop - Herhagen 2.7 kmNow you walk along the Rarbach and then along the Hennen to Herhagen. There you will rejoin the main route of the chapel trail and can continue your hike along it. In the village you will find the St. Laurentius Chapel, which is right next to the birthplace of Christine Koch, who is known for her poems in Sauerland dialect.Herhagen - Nichtinghausen 1.3 kmYou now leave Herhagen through the wide valley of the Hennen, which gives the Hennen dam its name. When you reach the first houses of Nichtinghausen, the St. Bernhard Chapel is not far away.Nichtinghausen - Reiste 3.8 kmCross the B55 again at the bus stop in the village. The return route to Reiste continues a little further along the Kapellenweg, along the mountain flank above Nichtinghausen and then back to Reiste via the local hiking trail Re1.There is a stamp pass for the chapel trail, which can be stamped with a stamp of the respective patron saint at the village chapels. The stamp pass is available at the entrance to the Reiste parish church, in the inns in Reiste and Nichtinghausen, at the Volksbank in Reiste, in the grocery store and at the petrol station in Nichtinghausen. The stamps are located in weatherproof boxes below the information boards of the individual chapels. On presentation of the completed stamp pass, you will receive a small reminder at the above-mentioned points of issue (except the parish church).

Safty guidelines

A rescue point system has been installed in the Hochsauerland district. Rescue points can be found on the information boards at junctions and on hiking signs.

Public transiot

There is a direct connection from Dortmund or Kassel to Meschede by train, and from there by bus line S70 in the direction of Grevenbrück, directly to Reiste.There is a direct connection from Siegen or Hagen to Grevenbrück by train and from there by bus line S70 in the direction of Meschede, directly to Reiste.With the Schmallenberg Sauerland Card you can travel free of charge by bus and train in the region.

Getting there

The church with parking facilities is located on the B55 federal highway, which runs through Reiste.From the north: via the A46 to Meschede, then the B55 towards Olpe as far as Reiste.From the south: via the A45 to Olpe, then the B55 via Grevenbrück, Eslohe in the direction of Meschede as far as Reiste.


You can park anywhere in Reiste free of charge. The SGV Reiste section recommends the parking lot at the parish church, which is right at the starting point.

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