Der Goldene Pfad - Hochheide landscape therapy trail

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A path with 10 mindfulness stations leads through the bizarre landscape of the Niedersfeld Hochheide. They help hikers to relax, open up to the special features of nature and find themselves.


Der Goldene Pfad auf der Niedersfelder Hochheide

Sonnenuntergang auf dem Goldenen Pfad auf der Niedersfelder Hochheide

Der Einstimmungsplatz (Station 1) des Landschaftstherapiepfads auf der Niedersfelder Hochheide

Landschaftstherapieweg auf der Niedersfelder Hochheide

Tour starting point:

Hochheide Niedersfeld parking lot

Tour destination point:

Hochheide Niedersfeld parking lot


  • Round trip
  • family-friendly




4.7 km


1:10 Std.

Elevation ascent

64 m

Elevation descent

62 m

Lowest point

774 m

Highest point

835 m





Recommended seasons


The Goldene Pfad brings you back down to earth. Here, "Doctor Nature" is at work as you hike, experience and internalize the ten stations of the Der Goldene Pfad.

This circular trail leads around five kilometers across the Niedersfelder Hochheide, which lies at the foot of the Langenberg.

Encountering nature often feels like a journey into your own self. The prerequisite for this is to take your time and pay attention to the landscape. To make it easier for you to focus on yourself and nature, the stations are designed in such a way that they, the landscape and nature are destroyed as little as possible.

Each station has its own experiential theme, which is introduced by the name of the station. Various objective and verbal stimuli encourage an interactive relationship with the landscape.

The Landschaftstherapeutischer Pfad was opened in June 2015 and has delighted many landscape lovers and hikers ever since.



You start at the tuning station . This is where you leave everyday life behind. Ten stations invite you to take your time and discover the magic of simple worlds of experience.The Goldene Pfad was created according to landscape therapy criteria and promotes psycho-physical health. Feel the atmosphere of the place and get in the mood for the trail.The first station is just a few steps from the tuning-in point. The "landscape balcony" offers a view of the Hoher Hagen, the Bastenberg and the Sternrodt.A few hundred meters further on at the second station " Seeing Heid, Understanding Heid", you find yourself in the middle of the Hochheide and see juniper bushes, blueberries, pine trees, individual heather plants, a carpet of heather, grasses and mosses. (Station two)You can recognize the"Musica natura" station from afar by the clefs on the path. At this stele, you can hear sounds such as gusts of wind in the spruce trees at the edge of the forest and across the Heid, bird calls and the buzzing of bees in summer. (Station three)Station four deals with the "meaning of everything". It is located in a sheltered spot characterized by an ancient spruce tree and a cross. This is the place for contemplation.From the plaque at the edge of the path, the view falls on the individual, wildly shaped pine trees, tousled by storms and snow. (Station five)In the following section, the path leads through denser, shady spruce forest. They create their own relaxing forest magic on the scenic trail . (Station six)A narrow, marked side path leads to a meditation spot in the forest . (Station seven)In a hollow on the south-eastern edge of the heathland lies the Hoppecke spring - surrounded by a spring stone and a footbridge that begins behind the stream. (Station eight)Station nine is located on an elevated site with a wide view over the Hochheide and the adjacent forests. The themes are "air and conscious breathing".Station ten is located slightly below the summit of the Clemensberg. Here you will find a mast with a wind harp.From here, the trail leads back to the parking lot.The ten stations:Attunement pointStation 1 - Landscape balconyStation 2 - See Heid, experience HeidStation 3 - Musica naturaStation 4 - Place of contemplationStation 5 - Ragged and wildly shaped pinesStation 6 - Scenic pathStation 7 - MeditaltionsplatzStation 8 - Hoppecke springStation 9 - Air and conscious breathingStation 10 - Wind harp

Getting there

You can reach the Goldener Pfad by following the "Hochheide" signs. You will find this in the center of Niedersfeld, directly on the B480. The driveway to Hochheide is right in the center of the village.


You can park free of charge on the edge of the Hochheide.

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