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As a former mining region, Brilon and Olsberg attract history buffs to the Gewerkenweg.

The Olsberg Mining Loop is one of the most interesting sections of the Gewerkenweg.



Tour starting point:

Hikers' parking lot Langer Berg on the B 480 between Olsberg and Brilon-Altenbüren

Tour destination point:

Hikers' parking lot Langer Berg on the B 480 between Olsberg and Brilon-Altenbüren


  • promising
  • Geological highlights
  • Round trip
  • Refreshment stop
  • cultural / historical




6.8 km


2:00 Std.

Elevation ascent

245 m

Elevation descent

245 m

Lowest point

458 m

Highest point

572 m





Recommended seasons


A good 100 years ago, many miners were still working on the Eisenberg. They extracted iron ore from the Philippstollen, the Maxstollen and the "Altem Stollen". The miners then loaded the material onto ramps and horse-drawn carts, turning the access roads to the town center a rusty red.

Many relics of the"Iron Age" can still be admired today on the beech-covered Eisenberg. The Phillippstollen can even be visited (May-October, Fri. 16.00). You can find out more about this at Olsberg Touristik and register if necessary.

Get a taste of Olsberg's history on this themed tour. Information boards along the way provide further exciting details.

Große Freiheit Siebenstern

Siebenstern am barrierearmen Wanderweg

Ein barrierearmer Wander oder Spazierweg

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Hiking portal Long Mountain

Wanderportal Langer Berg

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Philippstollen bei Olsberg (Seelenort)

Philippstollen Olsberg

Am Südhang des "Briloner Eisenberges" bei Olsberg wurden im Laufe des 18.

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Wasser in der Natur Quelle am Maxstollen

Quelle am Maxstollen

Der Maxstollen ist der richtige Ort sich an der Quelle zu erfrischen.

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E-Bike Akku-Ladestation Hotel-Restaurant Waldhotel


E-Bike Akku-Ladestation

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Kapelle beim Schinkenwirt


Kapelle beim Waldhotel Schinkenwirt am Eisenberg

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Borbergs Kirchhof (Seelenort)

Ausgrabungen Borberg

Sauerland Seelenort und Schauplatz einer 2.

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Maxstollen (Seelenort)


Ein stillgeleger Stollen mit Informationstafel zur Bergbaugeschichte

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Wasser Tretstelle in der Natur,am Papendiek

Tretstelle Papendiek

Die natürliche Tretstelle am Papendiek ist ine der schönsten Wassertretstellen auf dem Kneippweg.

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Start at the so-called "gateway to the Waldroute", the large parking lot on the Langer Berg.When approaching by car, please note that turning off from Olsberg is not permitted.You would first have to drive into the right-hand parking bay of the bus stop and watch out for oncoming traffic coming from Brilon.Some information boards at the rest area provide interesting information about hiking in Olsberg.The tour now starts by first crossing the district road.You can follow the signs K for Kneipp Trail as well as the "W" for Waldroute. These two Wanderbares Deutschland quality trails run along the same section of the route.After approx. 2 km downhill, you have a beautiful view of the Kneipp spa town of Olsberg. You can also see the Waldhotel zumSchinkenwirt in front of you. A refreshment stop is recommended.Just above the Waldhotel there are very interesting information boards on the history of mining in Olsberg. Turn left here.A detour to the Maxstollen is a special experience.The Olsberg local history association has equipped this disused gallery with information boards and benches to create a resting place.The old excavations with the well-preserved remains of the walls show the old mining history in a special way.The fresh spring can also be used to quench your thirst.The route continues past the old wall remains, down the secured forest steps onto the wonderful, natural path.This also leads along the Kneipp Trail and the Waldroute over a scenic route with a view of Olsberg to Forstenberg.Follow the signs there.Then turn left. The G sign (for Gewerkenweg) applies hereThe hiking trail now leads past the Schäferkreuz. Note the turn-off here via a natural trail up into the pine grove.This trail leads to the signposted Pingenfelder. Afterwards, there is a special viewpoint with a Rothaarsteig lounger .Continue past the previous turn-off, back uphill to the parking lot.* Pingenfeld*The "Old Adit"* Philippstollen* Eisenberg viewpoint*Shepherd's cross


* festes Schuhwerk * leichte Wanderausrüstung  

Safty guidelines

* Sturdy footwear is recommended.* Care should be taken not to walk too close to the slopes in the Pingen fields. Please follow the signs

Author Tip

* Besuchen Sie den Philippstollen. In der Zeit von Mai-Oktober mit vorheriger Anmeldung bei der Touristik Olsberg unter : www.tourismus-brilon-olsberg.de  * Einen Flyer des Gewerkenweg Olsberg-Brilon bietet viele Informationen zum Thema Bergbaugeschichte in Olsberg.


Wanderkarte Olsberg, Touristik und Stadtmarketing Olsberg GmbH

Public transiot

This tour is easy to reach by train and bus.Olsberg railroad station ( Hagen-Kassel)Brilon train station ( DB Brilon-Wald stop)Bigge train station ( Dortmund-Winterberg)Bus: S30 Brilon-Olsberg-BrilonBus stop directly at the hiking parking lot on the Langer Bergwww.bahn.de

Getting there

BAB 44, Bad Wünnenberg exit, via Brilon (B 480) to Olsberg. At the traffic lights in the town center, drive towards Olsberg-Bigge. You will find the concert hall after 500 m on the right-hand side.Click on the map on the left to enlarge it or use the route planner


Large parking lot, free of charge. Please note the prescribed direction of travel.Coming from Olsberg, you must first turn right onto the bus stop. Beware of traffic coming from Altenbüren.

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