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Learn many tips & tricks about photography on this tour and become a landscape photographer yourself. Breathtaking views of the Sauerland included!

Blick vom Fotopunkt am Hömberg oberhalb von Oberhenneborn und Sellmecke

Werden Sie zum Landschaftsfotografen auf der Fotoroute Oberhenneborn

Landschaftsfotograf Klaus-Peter Kappest

Blick von der Fotoroute auf Oberhenneborn

Altes Backhaus und Blick auf die St. Agatha Kirche in Oberhenneborn

Geführte Fotokurse mit Klaus-Peter Kappest auf der Fotoroute Oberhennorn

Bienenlehrpfad auf der Golddorf-Route Oberhenneborn

Ruhebank mit Panoramablick auf das Bundesgolddorf Oberhenneborn

Geschnitzte Eule an der Fotoroute Oberhenneborn

Landschaftspanorama auf dem Hömberg oberhalb von Oberhenneborn

Hömberg-Panorama im Abendlicht

Themenweg im Sauerland: Fotoroute Oberhenneborn - mit Klaus-Peter Kappest

Tour starting point:

Hiking parking lot "Todesbruch" in Oberhenneborn

Tour destination point:

Hiking parking lot "Todesbruch" in Oberhenneborn


  • promising
  • Fauna
  • Insider tip
  • Round trip
  • Refreshment stop
  • family friendly

Additional Information

Further information about the Federal Gold Village Oberhenneborn can be found at

You can get the accompanying flyer incl. detailed directions here.




9 km


3:30 Std.

Elevation ascent

235 m

Elevation descent

235 m

Altitude (Minimum)

421 m

Altitude (Maximum)

617 m





Recommended seasons


Discover the Sauerland and the federal gold village Oberhenneborn from your photographic side. Developed together with the well-known landscape photographer Klaus-Peter Kappest, the tour leads you on about 9 km again and again past particularly promising points and explains, even for the layman understandable, many tips for professional photography. It is not necessarily about the use of high-quality technology, but about the understanding of a meaningful picture language and the experience in nature. The Oberhenneborn photo route can therefore be experienced with a good cell phone camera as well as with professional equipment! You should plan about 3 to 4 hours for the tour, depending on your mood for photography.

You want to share your photos with others? Then use the hashtag #fotoroute when posting on social media.

Here you can view the accompanying flyer...

Station 1: Weniger ist mehr - Bildausschnitt bewusst wählen
Station 2. Kreativer Umgang mit bekannten Motiven
Wüllner´s Landgasthof

Gastronomie im Schmallenberger Sauerland und der Ferienregion Eslohe

Sauerländer Wandergasthof. Hausgemachter Kuchen, Essen nur nach Anmeldung, saisonale und vegetarische Küche, Kinderspeisenkarte, Terrasse, spezielle Wanderrouten.

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Station 3: Ein wirklich dicker Baum - auch auf dem Foto
Startpunkt Bienen-Lehrpfad Oberhenneborn
Station 4: Vordergrund macht Bild gesund
Fototipp "Dorfblick"
Station 5: Caspar-David-Friedrich-Perspektive
Station 6: Selfie-Punkt
Henne-Rartal - Auf dem Kreutz bei Oberhenneborn

Henne-Rartal - Auf dem Kreutz bei Oberhenneborn

zum 360° Panoramafoto

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Fototipp "Sellmecketal"


Fototipp des bekannten Landschaftsfotografen Klaus-Peter Kappest.

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Station 7: Goldener Schnitt
Station 8: Goldener Schnitt bei Landschaftsbildern
Sonnenuntergang: Fotoroute Oberhenneborn

Sonnen-Untergangsort: Fotoroute Oberhenneborn

Bei den drei Birken an der Fotoroute Oberhenneborn habt ihr einen wunderschönen Blick auf die schwingende Hügellandschaft des Schmallenberger Sauerlandes.

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Station 9: Panoramafotografie
Station 10: Die Freihandgrenze
Gasthaus Wollmeiner

Gastronomie im Schmallenberger Sauerland und der Ferienregion Eslohe

Genießen Sie regionale Köstlichkeiten, Hausmacher Spezialitäten und die Frische aus Wald und Flur in unserem Restaurant, der gemütlichen Gaststube oder auf unserer Terrasse.

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Fototipp "Wiesental"

Ausflüge im Schmallenberger Sauerland und der Ferienregion Eslohe

Fototipp des bekannten Landschaftsfotografen Klaus-Peter Kappest.

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Station 11: Fließendes Wasser fotografieren (Profi-Station)



Starting from the starting point, the hiking parking lot "Todesbruch" in Oberhenneborn, you first follow the Golddorfroute Oberhenneborn. After the successful ascent across the meadow, you first leave the Golddorf route (this branches off to the left) and you turn right onto the OH3. After about 50 m you will reach the first station of the photo route. Now follow the OH3 until you reach the "Hauptstraße" (Hennetalstraße) in the village and then turn left. After about 150 m you will see the old bakery on the right side, the station 2 of the photo route.Afterwards, cross the wooden bridge, pass the barn of the farm and turn right onto the asphalt road. After about 200 m turn left (towards the church) and, following the road, head towards Wüllner's Landgasthof. Shortly before the country inn turn left into the street "Zum Kreuz". After about 75 m you will reach the third station. You now follow the Golddorf-Route Oberhenneborn for a longer time, first with the Kreuzweg, uphill. After about 350 m the Golddorf-Route turns to the left and the bee nature trail begins - you continue to follow the Golddorf-Route and after another 200 m you reach the next photo point. Following the sign of the Golddorf route, the path turns right after a short while and leads up a small climb up the meadow. At the top you will already find the fifth station of the photo route on the right side. Now you continue to follow the golden "G" and pass the Kreuzkapelle (open during the day).After another climb along the asphalt road (it turns into a gravel road at the end), you will soon reach the next station of the photo tour - the "selfie point". After completing this point, walk back along the path for about 15 meters and then, between the two fields, continue walking along the Gold Village route until you see an old barn. Walk towards this and now leave the Golddorf route again. Immediately after the barn you reach a country road and turn left. After about 50 meters, turn right again and continue to follow the asphalt road. After a few meters you will reach the station "Goldener Schnitt" and directly after about another 300 m the station "Goldener Schnitt bei Landschaftsbildern". You then continue to follow the asphalt road, which after a few meters turns into a gravel road. After the "bench between the 3 birches" you will soon reach a turning point. At this point, take a sharp left and follow the path until you reach the highlight of the photo route - the panoramic view "Am Hömberg".Continue on the path and at the next crossroads turn left onto the OR2. After a short descent you will already find the next photographic task. Now continue on the hiking trail OR2 until you reach, at the level of the chapel in Oberrarbach, again a busy road. Follow this road for about 50 m to the right (watch out for traffic!) and then turn right again onto the asphalted farm road. Follow this path for 1.5 km until you reach the SGV hut "Eulennest". The next photo station is at the stream below the SGV hut, to which a clearly visible path leads. After you have completed this station, return to the SGV hut and turn left onto the hiking trail in the direction of Oberhenneborn. After about 900 m you will reach Oberhenneborn and your starting point, the hikers' parking lot at the "Todesbruch".

Safty guidelines

Two small sections of the tour take you along marked paths across meadows. Depending on the time of day and weather conditions, there is a risk of slipping.

Public transiot

Oberhenneborn is served by bus line 465. The bus stop "Todesbruch" is located in the immediate vicinity of the starting point of the photo route.

Getting there

Coming from Rimberg / Bad Fredeburg, the hikers' parking lot Todesbruch is located at the entrance of Oberhenneborn on the left side. Coming from the direction of Niederhenneborn, the hikers' parking lot is located at the end of the village on the right-hand side. Address for your navigation system: Oberhenneborn, street: Todesbruch.


In addition to the parking lot for hikers on the "Todesbruch", there are other parking lots in the village.Please enter the address "Alte Schule 1, 57392 Schmallenberg" into your navigation system. From there you can enter both the gold village route and the photo route in just a few minutes on foot.

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