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Attention detour! Section between Winterberg ski jump and large parking lot P3 closed from 08 - 10 September. A detour is signposted.

157 kilometers to switch off and take a deep breath! On the Rothaarsteig long-distance hiking trail you can take time for yourself and briefly put everyday life aside.

From Brilon in the Sauerland to the Lahn-Dill-Bergland in Hesse and the foothills of the Westerwald to Dillenberg in Hesse. Here you hike through the most beautiful forest mountain landscapes with a total of 3,931 meters of altitude.

Genuine, honest and modern, the trail presents itself along its entire length and allows nature lovers to experience its uniqueness again and again with all their senses. It is not for nothing that the Rothaarsteig is also called the "Path of the Senses".

Wandergruppe und Beschilderung

Beschilderung des Rothaarsteiges

Kleine Auszeit am Rothaarsteig in Neuastenberg

Kahler Asten am Rothaarsteig

Tour starting point:

Brilon marketplace

Tour destination point:



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  • Stage tour
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  • geological highlights
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Additional Information

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157 km


97:00 Std.

Elevation ascent

3040 m

Elevation descent

3287 m

Altitude (Minimum)

224 m

Altitude (Maximum)

843 m





Recommended seasons


The Rothaarsteig leads in a north-south direction over the ridge of the Rothaargebirge. The starting point is Brilon on the northeastern edge of the Sauerland. Over the highest mountain in North Rhine-Westphalia - the Langenberg (843m) - the Rothaarsteig leads past the source of the Ruhr to Winterberg to the Kahler Asten (842m). Here in the headwaters of the Lenne, the second major river in the Sauerland, the Rothaarsteig bends to the west and runs south of Schmallenberg to the Rhein-Weser-Turm. From the Rhein-Weser-Turm it now heads south again through the Rothaarvorhöhen into the Hilchenbacher Winkel and on to the headwaters of the Lahn, Sieg and Eder above Netphen. Via the Haincher Höhe, the Rothaarsteig finally heads for its destination, the Orange town of Dillenburg with the imposing Wilhelmsturm.

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Brilon-Bruchhausen-Küstelberg-Winterberg- Langewiese-Hoheleye-Kühhude-Schanze-Latrop-Jagdhaus-Lützel-Großenbach-Rodenbach-Manderbach-Dillenburg

Safty guidelines

In an emergency, however, things have to happen quickly! Therefore, the Rothaarsteig is equipped throughout with so-called rescue boards. On the green and white plaques, which are attached to the posts of the signposts, there is a number that you have to give when making your emergency call. This way the rescue forces know exactly where you are and valuable time can be saved.

Public transiot

Whether you start your hike on the Rothaarsteig in the north or in the south, both Brilon and Dillenburg are very easy to reach by train. Numerous other towns on the Rothaarsteig are also well connected to the bus and rail network. You can find more information about the journey by public transport here.

Getting there

Brilon: You can reach Brilon from the north and east via the A 44 and from the south and west via the A 445/A 46.Dillenburg: You can reach Dillenburg via the A 45, exit 25 Dillenburg.


Brilon: You can park your car in Brilon free of charge in the parking lot in "Krummen Straße" or at the Kreishaus (Am Rothaarsteig 1). Enter in your navigation system: "Marktplatz".Dillenburg: You will find free parking at the stadium in Dillenburg. Enter in your navigation system: "Am Sportzentrum".In addition, there are mostly free parking spaces for hikers in numerous towns along the Rothaarsteig where you can park your car.

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