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Undulating forests with magnificent views, rugged cliffs and fascinating panoramic views on the Kahleberg are complemented on this tour by adventurous path passages on old donkey trails.

Wandern auf der Oberhundemer Bergtour


Einkehr auf dem Alpenhaus

Ausblick vom Alpenhaus

Oberhundemer Klippen

Wandern auf dem Eselspfad

Tour starting point:

Hiking portal Haus des Gastes (Kurpark), Oberhundem

Tour destination point:

Hiking portal Haus des Gastes (Kurpark), Oberhundem


  • promising
  • Premium Trail German Hiking Seal
  • Round trip
  • Refreshment stop
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Additional Information

Tourist Information Lennestadt & Kirchhundem
Hundemstr. 18, 57368 Lennestadt-Altenhundem, Tel. +492723 608-800, Fax -801,

Tourist Information Kirchhundem-Oberhundem Haus des Gastes am Kurpark/Oberhundem
57399 Kirchhundem, Tel. +492723 72675,,

Further information about the Rothaarsteig can be found at and by calling the free service hotline on +492974 4994163, where we will be happy to advise you on your personal tour planning.




11.6 km


4:15 Std.

Elevation ascent

364 m

Elevation descent

364 m

Altitude (Minimum)

413 m

Altitude (Maximum)

688 m





Recommended seasons


Light and shade, mountain and valley, path and trail, dense forest and inspiring views, rock and meadow - this circular hike, certified with the German Hiking Seal, has something! You follow the Rothaarsteig for a while, the Oberhundem cliffs can be admired at length and when you step out of the forest on the Donkey Trail, which lives up to its name, and see the ensemble of houses in Oberhundem, then you know: it's perfect!

Tourist-Information Oberhundem

Haus des Gastes Oberhundem

Der Kur- und Verkehrsverein Oberhundem betreibt im Haus des Gastes eine Tourist-Information.

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Hiking portal Oberhundem Haus des Gastes


Starting point Sauerland hiking villages region Oberhundem Haus des Gastes The parking lot at the Haus des Gastes/Kurpark is the starting point for the Rothaarsteig trail (premium hiking trail) "Oberhundemer Bergtour - unterwegs auf Eselspfaden".

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Kurpark Oberhundem

Ausblick vom Haus des Gastes auf den Kurpark

Kurpark im Luftkurort Oberhundem mit Kneipp-Anlagen (Wassertret- u.

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Hiking portal Rhein-Weser-Turm

Wanderportal Rhein-Weser-Turm

Starting point Sauerland Hiking Villages Region - Hiking Portal Rhein-Weser-Turm The Hiking Portal Rhein-Weser-Turm is located directly on the Rothaarsteig and is the starting point for the cross-country trails at the Rhein-Weser-Turm (u.

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Ausblick vom Alpenhaus

Das Alpenhaus bietet eine tolle Aussicht auf die umliegende Landschaft.

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Bank mit Blick auf Oberhundem

Blick auf Oberhundem

Zwei Holzbänke am Waldrand laden zum Verweilen und genießen der Szenerie ein.

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Oberhundemer Wellness Oase


Saunalandschaft mit Biosauna, Infrarotsauna, Dampfbad, Blockhaus Sauna, Kalt-Dusche, Ruheraum und Liegewiese.

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Gasthof zu den Linden


Unser gemütliches Haus ist aus dem 18. Jahrhundert mit stilvoller und zugleich moderner Einrichtung.

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Through the hiking portal at the Haus des Gastes, the trail leads slightly uphill through the Oberhundem spa gardens. You only briefly touch the road and then Schwenke left on a dirt track uphill out of the village. You soon reach a picnic area and enter the forest on the first section of path. You soon reach a small road. Follow the asphalt access road to the hiking parking lot on the left and then begin the steep ascent in the spruce forest on a wide forest path. Only the chaffinch and a couple of nutcrackers can be heard. When you reach the first saddle, the trail continues along the slope. Moss-covered tree stumps with tree fungi are a delight. The first highlight is the Oberhundem cliffs, the next is reaching the Rothaarsteig. A beautiful wooden lounger, part of the Rothaarsteig furniture, follows a little later. Now it's downhill until the Rothaarsteig says goodbye at a hairpin bend. Continue straight ahead to the Wiegequelle spring and a refuge at Böhnenkamp (3) . Turn right here with increasingly beautiful views of the Wildhöfer and its neighbors, the path leads slightly uphill to a viewing point with two benches and information boards. At the next crossroads, "Brie", the trail begins to circle the bare Kahleberg. Fantastic views accompany the passage. In 2007, Kyrill deforested the entire slope. Pioneer plants are now reclaiming the islands of light. The next highlight is the Alpenhaus, officially registered as a village since 2011, population five! Anyway, the former Alpine Club house of the Essen section (dormitory, several double rooms) is beautifully situated at 650 m above sea level. The start of the final section is somewhat hidden and heralds the most beautiful stage. In the past, the landlord of the Alpenhaus had to transport everything with pack mules. The trail leads through windthrow areas, through forest, sometimes as a path, sometimes as a trail, sometimes as a meadow path. When the edge of the forest is reached after a steep descent, Oberhundem lies ahead of the hiker on the left. Follow the field path into the village and turn left at the first road junction uphill back to the starting point.

Safty guidelines

The tour follows both wide paths and narrow trails. Some sections are quite steep, so a good level of fitness and hiking poles are helpful.Information on the rescue signsMost hiking trails run away from villages and settlements and every hiker has thought about what would happen if an emergency were to occur. How can I be found here? Where am I anyway? Can the emergency services reach me?But in an emergency, things have to happen quickly! That's why the hiking trail network in the Lennestadt & Kirchhundem region is equipped with so-called rescue signs throughout. The green and white stickers attached to the posts of the signposts have a number that you must give when making an emergency call. This means that the emergency services know exactly where you are and valuable time can be saved.Note on the increased risk of forest firesPlease bear in mind that there is currently an increased risk of forest fires due to the drought! Therefore, please observe the following instructions:Observe the legal ban on smoking in the forest - it applies in spring, summer and fall, more precisely: from March 1 to October 31.Observe the ban on open fires in the forest and within 100 meters of the forest.Take glass out of the forest - the burning glass effect can cause forest fires.When it is (too) late:Extinguish small incipient fires if you can do so safely. Check the area carefully if necessary.Report fires via "112".Leave the danger zone by the shortest route.The forest will thank you!Bison and wild animals on the Rothaarsteig - tips on how to behaveMany species of wildlife live in the forests along the Rothaarsteig. Encounters with red deer, wild boar (wild sows), mouflon and, more recently, bison are possible. You may encounter the latter on the Rothaarsteig between Albrechtsplatz and Dreiherrnstein.The risks posed to normal hikers by bison are low and can be reduced to an absolute minimum by appropriate and respectful behavior.Walk calmly and inconspicuously past the animals at a distance, do not frighten them and do not look them directly in the eye.If the animals approach you, remain calm, do not turn your back on them and leave the area without rushing, but always with a view of the animal.If the animals fall below a distance that makes you uncomfortable, call loudly, whistle or make yourself heard in another way. Watch out for threatening gestures!If sows "chatter their teeth" or bison lower their heads, they expect you to retreat. Move back!If you have a dog with you, keep it under control on a lead. If an animal attacks your dog, take it off the lead! The dog is faster and more agile than you and will definitely find you again!

Public transiot

Take the train to Altenhundem, from there take the regional bus line R 36 to Oberhundem. Detailed information on the timetable can be found at: (Zweckverband Personenverkehr Westfalen Süd).

Getting there

From Altenhundem (accessible via the B517), follow the L553 via Kirchhundem to Oberhundem. There you can park at the Haus des Gastes (at the spa gardens).


Haus des Gastes Oberhundem (at the Kurpark)

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