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Idyll meets art in a romantic setting

Häuschen mit Waldschaukel oberhalb von Niedersorpe auf der Rothaarsteig-Spur Sorper-Panoramapfad

Zwei Rothaarsteig-Wanderer schauen auf das herbstliche Niedersorpe

Zwei Personen wandern über die Rothaarsteig-Spur Sorper Panoramapfad

Zwei Personen im stillgelegten Steinbruch "Knollen" auf der Rothaarsteig-Spur Sorper Panoramapfad

Zwei Rothaarsteig-Wanderer sitzen im grünen Wald auf einem Stein

Zwei Rothaarsteig-Wanderer schauen in den Sonnenuntergang auf der Rothaarsteig-spur Sorper Panoramapfad

Tour starting point:

Hiking portal Niedersorpe

Tour destination point:

Hiking portal Niedersorpe


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Further information about the Rothaarsteig can be found at and by calling the free service hotline on +49 2974 / 499 4163, where we will be happy to advise you on your personal tour planning.




12.7 km


3:45 Std.

Elevation ascent

240 m

Elevation descent

240 m

Altitude (Minimum)

408 m

Altitude (Maximum)

529 m





Recommended seasons


The Sorpetal at the foot of the Hunau and Kahler Asten is a special gem. Narrow and winding, it follows the course of the Sorpe river. Surrounded by coniferous and deciduous forests, picturesque villages are strung together like pearls on a string. Tourism has a long tradition here and guests are warmly welcomed. A special point of the Sorpe panoramic trail is the "Knollen" with its old, almost "enchanted" quarries, through which it leads. But there is a lot more to see: The Kunstschmiede und Galerie Klute in Waldemei and the Schmiedewelten Dünnebacke in Rellmecke, for example, showcase art from traditional crafts in an impressive natural setting. Nature and views accompany you along the entire panoramic trail through the romantic Sorpetal.

Lebensmittel Automat Hof Müller

Lebensmittel Automat des Hof Müller in Niedersorpe

Der Automat des Hof Müller mit Lebensmitteln aus der Region befindet sich am Ortseingang von Niedersorpe (aus Winkhausen kommend).

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Wanderportal und Wanderparkplatz Niedersorpe

Wanderportal und Wanderparkplatz Niedersorpe

Ausgangspunkt Region Sauerland Wanderdörfer - Niedersorpe

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Gasthof Wulbeck

Gastronomie im Schmallenberger Sauerland und der Ferienregion Eslohe

Weitere Informationen & Öffnungszeiten finden Sie auf unserer Webseite.

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Golfplatz Schmallenberg - Winkhausen

Rundblick Golfclub Schmallenberg - Winkhausen

Vom Clubhaus ausgesehen in südlicher Richtung blicken Sie auf den Wilzenberg ( Panoramabild Wilzenberg ).

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Golf-Café Restaurant

Golf-Cafe Restaurant am Golfplatz Winkhausen

Eingebettet in eine wunderschöne Golfanlage erwarten wir, Fam.

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Romantik- & Wellnesshotel Deimann

Romantik- und Wellnesshotel Deimann

Es erwartet Sie bei uns ein persönlich geführtes Urlaubs-, Wander-, Wellness- und Golfhotel der Spitzenklasse, inmitten einer weitläufigen, komfortablen, absolut ruhigen Hotelanlage mit Park, direkt am Wald und Wasser.

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Deimanns Knollenhütte

Deimanns Knollenhütte

Zusätzliche Öffnungszeiten: An Feiertagen von 12.

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Steinbruch Knollen

Steinbruch Knollen

Steinbruch Knollen

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Infotafel Knollen

Infotafel auf dem Knollen

Die Infotafel Knollen befindet sich oberhalb des Knollen Steinbruchs.

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Galerie Klute in der Waldemai

Galerie Klute - Waldemai

Kunstschmiede mit Galerie und Skulpturenpark.

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Wanderportal Rellmecke

Wandern im Schmallenberger Sauerland

Ausgangspunkt Region Sauerland Wanderdörfer - Rellmecke

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Getränkekühlschrank "Schmiedequelle" in Rellmecke

Getränkekühlschrank "Schmiedequelle" in Rellmecke

Der Getränkekühlschrank "Schmiedequelle" in Rellmecke befindet sich direkt an der Schmiedewelten Dünnebacke.

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Schmiedewelt Dünnebacke

Schmiedewelten Dünnebacke

Kunstschmiede mit Ausstellungsraum und kleinem Park.

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Niedersorpe - Winkhausen - Knollen - Waldemai - Rellmecke - Niedersorpe

Safty guidelines

Information about the rescue signs on the RothaarsteigMost hiking trails run away from towns and settlements and every hiker has thought about what would happen if an emergency were to occur. How can I be found here? Where am I anyway? Can the emergency services reach me?In an emergency, things have to happen quickly! That's why the Rothaarsteig is equipped with so-called rescue signs throughout. The green and white plaques attached to the posts of the signposts have a number that you must give when making an emergency call. This means that the emergency services know exactly where you are and valuable time can be saved.Note on the increased risk of forest firesPlease bear in mind that there is currently an increased risk of forest fires due to the drought! Therefore, please observe the following instructions:Observe the legal ban on smoking in the forest - it applies in spring, summer and fall, more precisely: from March 1 to October 31.Observe the ban on open fires in the forest and within 100 meters of the forest.Take glass out of the forest - the burning glass effect can cause forest fires.When it is (too) late:Extinguish small incipient fires if you can do so safely. Check the area carefully if necessary.Report fires via "112".Leave the danger zone by the shortest route.The forest will thank you!Bison and wild animals on the Rothaarsteig - tips on how to behaveMany species of wildlife live in the forests along the Rothaarsteig. Encounters with red deer, wild boar (wild sows), mouflon and, more recently, bison are possible. You may encounter the latter on the Rothaarsteig between Albrechtsplatz and Dreiherrenstein.The risks posed to normal hikers by bison are low and can be reduced to an absolute minimum by appropriate and respectful behavior.Walk calmly and inconspicuously past the animals at a distance, do not frighten them and do not look them directly in the eye.If the animals approach you, remain calm, do not turn your back on them and leave the area without rushing, but always with a view of the animal.If the animals fall below a distance that makes you uncomfortable, call loudly, whistle or make yourself heard in another way. Watch out for threatening gestures!If sows "chatter their teeth" or bison lower their heads, they expect you to retreat. Move back!If you have a dog with you, keep it under control on a lead. If an animal attacks your dog, take it off the lead! The dog is faster and more agile than you and will definitely find you again!

Public transiot

Bus route 462 runs in the Sorpetal and it is best to get off at the "Niedersorpe Kirche" stop.You can find exact journey times at

Getting there

Coming from Schmallenberg, take the B236 to Winkhausen. Follow the signs onto the L742 as far as Niedersorpe.


Parking is available at the entrance to the village (coming from Winkhausen) on the left at the Niedersorpe hiking portal.

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