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Two beautiful valleys and "heavenly" views await hikers on this route.






Hochheide Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016

Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016

Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016

Tour starting point:

Hiking parking lot Willingen/Hoppecketal/Gebrannte Wamecke, Hoppecketalstraße, 34508 Willingen (Upland)

Tour destination point:

Hiking parking lot Willingen/Hoppecketal/Gebrannte Wamecke, Hoppecketalstraße, 34508 Willingen (Upland)


  • promising
  • Healing climate
  • Round trip
  • Refreshment stop
  • cultural / historical
  • Flora

Additional Information





12.1 km


3:21 Std.

Elevation ascent

245 m

Elevation descent

245 m

Lowest point

588 m

Highest point

832 m





Recommended seasons


This quality tour starts in the Hoppeck valley in Willingen and leads through the so-called "Keller" quickly up to the Rothaarsteig and Uplandsteig. For kilometers, the hikers look up there over the "Land of a Thousand Mountains" or also the Ruhrtal and enjoy the wide landscape of the Willingen Hochheide. Through the headwaters of the Hoppecke they return to the valley.




Start and finish of this hike is the hiking parking lot in the lower Hoppeck valley. Here we start our 12 km hike to the nature reserve "NSG Neuer Hagen", better known as the great Hochheide. At the top it is possible to stop at the Hochhheidehütte.But now "Frisch auf" up through the Hoppecke valley, on the left meadows and some trees of the stream of the same name. First very slowly ascending to the "Keller", about 700 m high, then a little more moderate. We reach the state border of Hessen to NRW and unmistakably the huge Kyrill areas, which at that time in January 2007 were created by the storm of the same name. After another 1.3 km we reach the Upland- as well as the Rothaarsteig, both award-winning quality trails.We follow them turning left. Also on the left side an open area, the so-called "Suggeheide" (Sow Heid), where pigs felt at home in former centuries. Today sometimes watch out, the paths could be muddy there, then please hike around. And here soon the "Niedersfelder Hochheidehütte" announces itself, situated on a good 800 m height. On the way there, try the path running parallel to the road and hiking trail, a benefit for the feet.The hut is rightly named. Because from here to the "Clemensberg" (838 m) our quality trail touches the edge of the Hochheide, a "remnant" of the ice age, which blooms beautifully in late summer and produces delicious blueberries. Arriving at the Clemensberg, you learn three things: first, the depths of the Niedersfeld quarry (please pay attention to warning signs), where the hard diabase stone is extracted. Second, you read about the soldier's story and his vow. And last but not least, one enjoys the distant view far into the Ruhrtal. Now below the rampart of the quarry you continue to the Hoppecke spring (774 m), starting point of the 35 km long river, which flows into the Diemel near Bredelar. A short time later, at border stone number 8, we enter Hessian terrain again and leave the Upland and Rothaarsteig at the next large crossroads. At Scheid, the refuge and the restful seats and loungers offer the opportunity for a rest.Afterwards, at this point, the trail descends sharply to the left. Halfway down, a historical plaque "Steffens Hütte" enlightens us: in former times, cattle were grazed here on "Nachbars Wiese", i.e. beyond the border and the brook, legally permitted for a long time. Further down we choose the right fork to the so-called Hoppecketal-Runde. Enjoying the nature with fast steps on a relatively flat path, we reach the Ruthenaartal in a big curve. A long, long time ago, "Hammer Johann" led his busy life here, working the iron with the help of the mountain waters. On the other side of the valley there is another bend in the path, where we enter a path turning sharply to the left. Follow this path, cross a bridge, take the upward path again, then turn right and go down again. Should the path end here? Of course "no". Another bridge leads over the - yes again the Hoppecke!On the other side meadow on the right, bushes on the left, and soon in front of us: the Hoppecketalstraße. We know it from the outward journey. So first again left and please on the left side following, because no sidewalk available, but increased car traffic. Last but not least here last possible stop, a nice restaurant at forest and lake makes it possible. Until we meet gravel road and parking lot, and we take a beautiful round, the quality tour "Tälerweg" in our hearts and in memory.


Empfohlen werden festes Schuhwerk, wetterangepasste Kleidung, Rucksackverpflegung und ausreichend Flüssigkeit (Wasser, Tee).

Safty guidelines

Pay attention to warning notices (3 x = alarm) for blasting in the Niedersfeld quarry, adjacent to the Hochheide (NSG Neuer Hagen).

Author Tip

Im Sommer August bis Mitte September blühende Hochheide. Blaubeeren. Im Winter Skilanglauf auf der Hochheide.


Wanderkarte Willingen/Diemelsee & Trekkingpark Sauerland, Maßstab 1:25.000, mr-kartographie, Gotha, ISBN 978-3-86636-923-8

Public transiot

Bus/train to Willingen train station, continue by bus or shared cab (AST), stop Hoppecketalstraße

Getting there

By car via the B251 to Willingen (Upland), at the entrance to the town/exit of the town turn off in the direction of Brilon onto the road "Zur Hoppecke", then turn left into Hoppecketalstraße, from asphalted road via gravel road 150 m to parking lot.


Free parking at the starting point.

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