Willingen (W9)

Through nearby wooded areas and open fields up to the summit of the Orenberg (702 m) with magnificent views from the summit cross over Willingen and the upland panorama.





Orenberg Blick auf Willingen


Wanderschild auf dem Orenberg

Blick auf den Diemelsee

Tour starting point:

Visitor center, Am Hagen 10, 34508 Willingen (Upland)

Tour destination point:

Visitor center, Am Hagen 10, 34508 Willingen (Upland)


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7.5 km


2:13 Std.

Elevation ascent

201 m

Elevation descent

199 m

Altitude (Minimum)

544 m

Altitude (Maximum)

698 m





Recommended seasons


A short, challenging hiking trail with a few steep climbs. Wonderful Buchenwald, dark spruces, open fields and magnificent views await us. The heather-covered summit of the Orenberg is one of the Sauerland-Seelenorte, whose history bears the title "Reconciled opposites".

On the way, we pass the memorial, the Schiederhalde and an air shaft of the former mine until we reach the Orenbergschanze, a plastic covered ski jump for young ski jumpers, via a beautiful panoramic path.

Eissporthalle Willingen


Liebe Gäste, die Eissporthalle Willingen ist wieder geöffnet!

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A relatively short but challenging hiking trail with some steep inclines. First take the road "Am Hagen" to the left around the lagoon swimming pool and across the parking lot to before the cut in the railroad line. Turn right here and descend steeply (please take care in wet and snowy conditions) to below the viaduct. Then continue to the middle of the adventure golf course, turn sharp left here and cross the bridge over the Itterbach stream up to the B 251 road. First cross the road to the traffic island, then cross over to the steps and up the narrow path. We are now surrounded by forest. Climb steeply up to the first small crossroads, turn right up here. The higher we hike, the higher we can see the viaduct with the railroad tracks through the trees. At the top, we come to a road which we follow in a southerly direction.We also turn off several times - now in open fields - to soon reach the cross of the Orenberg (name from the Celtic language, meaning either maple or elm, or capercaillie?) in a wide arc. From the summit, there are wonderful views across Willingen to the Ettelsberg (838 m) and Treis, or far into the Hoppecke valley to the Langenberg (843 m), the highest peak in NRW. After a nice rest, we follow a narrow path through the small Hochheide, turning right at the junction down to the meadow. At the bottom of the path, turn left twice to reach the saddle between Orenberg and Iberg (and thus avoid the steep step in the opposite direction). Turn off at the signpost until shortly before the Dreidörfer-Eck (Willingen - Usseln - Schwalefeld); in a wide arc we circle the Iberg (731 m) in a northerly direction until below the Schwalefeld ski lift.We soon come to the Schwalefeld - Willingen connecting path, which we follow to the left in the direction of our home town. If you want to enjoy another view over Willingen, leave the W9 briefly at the edge of the forest (100 m on the left) and enjoy the views from the nearby memorial. Back at the hairpin bend in the road, we now turn left onto a narrow path leading downhill into the forest. A little further on, a grating appears in the slope, the air shaft of the Christine mine. Go down the steps above the first house and continue along the edge of the forest on the panoramic path. On level ground with a view of Willingen, we reach the Orenberg ski jump. A plastic covered hill for young ski jumpers to practice on in summer. From there, descend briefly to the road, first right, then left along the footpath down a flight of steps into the village. At house number 27 we reach "Waldecker Straße", which we follow past the town hall and Linnenkerl-Platz to the clubhouse of the Willingen Ski Club. Here, follow the W9 slightly uphill to the visitor center, past the Protestant church with its striking tower and the Upland School (grammar school/composite school), also known as the "Elite School of Sport".PS: In the opposite direction at the Iberg/Orenberg saddle, turn right across the meadow up to the steep step, which is around 250 m shorter. But slippery in wet conditions!

Safty guidelines

Watch out for heavy traffic when crossing the B251!

Public transiot

Bus/train to Willingen station, 10 minutes walk to the starting point at the visitor center

Getting there

By car via the B251 to Willingen (Upland), drive to the parking lot at the visitor center, Am Hagen 10, 34508 Willingen (Upland)


Free parking at the visitor center/lagoon pool

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