Schwarzbachtal - nature experience trail east of Kirchhundem-Heinsberg

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In the forests of the Rothaar ridge, the nature reserve "Schwarzbachsystem mit Haberg und Krenkelstal" is an ideal retreat for rare and shy species, including the black stork and wildcat.


Tour starting point:

"Heinsberg Weidekamp" refuge or "Hochheide" rest area

Tour destination point:

"Heinsberg Weidekamp" refuge or "Hochheide" rest area


  • Fauna
  • Round trip
  • Flora

Additional Information

The listed Rhein-Weser-Turm tower offers a fantastic view over large parts of the Rothaargebirge.




7.5 km


2:00 Std.

Elevation ascent

147 m

Elevation descent

147 m

Lowest point

482 m

Highest point

628 m





Recommended seasons

The main watercourse of the nature reserve, the Schwarzbach, is regarded as a reference watercourse for the good ecological quality of all headwater streams in the Weser catchment area. Since the mid-1980s, land purchases and targeted maintenance measures by the district of Olpe have transformed a dark valley covered in spruce afforestation into a colorful mosaic of rare forest and open land habitats, including peat moss-alder swamp forests, hillside spring moors and species-rich wet meadows.

The 61.4-hectare natural forest cell "Rüsper Wald" with its 100-year-old bog birch and red alder stands as well as more than 200-year-old beech old-growth trees is also one of the most important components of the protected area. One of the protected area's characteristic species is the aconite, whose flowers line the lower reaches of the Schwarzbach in July and August. In May, the numerous white fruit heads of the sheath cottongrass shine out of the mosaic of moor grass meadows and small sedge reeds that criss-cross the floodplain. The clear waters of the Schwarzbach stream are home to brown trout, brook lamprey and bullheads. There is a high probability that you will see a dipper or a kingfisher at the blasted railroad bridge.

Naturschätze Schwarzbachtal
Wanderportal Hochheide

Impressionen der Anlage

Östlich von der Kirchhundemer Ortschaft Heinsberg gelegen, ist der Wanderparkplatz Hochheide Ausgangspunkt in die Region Sauerland-Wanderdörfer Hochheide.

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Naturschätze Wacholder
Grenzgeschichten hautnah: Hufeisenstein

Natur im Schwarzbachtal

Mit "Grenzgeschichten hautnah" entsteht mitten in der Natur "Kino im Kopf" .

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Naturschätze heimliche Bewohner Schwarzbachtal
Naturschätze natürlicher Bach Schwarzbachtal
Naturschätze Feuchtwiesen und Moore Schwarzbachtal



The 7.4-kilometre circular trail is marked A 4 throughout and leads along well-maintained forest paths. In the area of the Heinsberg Heid, the path is asphalted and almost flat, so that this part of the nature reserve can also be experienced by people with limited mobility. One of Germany's most important long-distance hiking trails, the Rothaarsteig, crosses the nature reserve.

Getting there

You can reach Heinsberg via the L713 from Kirchhundem-Heinsberg or Hilchenbach. In Heinsberg, turn into Bergstraße, which will take you to the parking facilities.GPS (UTM): 32 U 442662, 5654304 Google coordinates: 51.037313, 8.182342


From Kirchhundem-Heinsberg, a steep side road leads to the parking facilities at the "Heinsberger Weidekamp" refuge and the "Hochheide" rest area.

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