Quality tour: Krenkeltal and Goldener Zapfen - ridge walk between the Rhine and Weser rivers

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Grandiose views, wonderful natural passages through sunken paths and forest idylls, a stream that crosses a railroad line at a lofty height.
An exceptionally varied tour.

Erlebnisstation Aquädukt

Eingang zum Äquadukt

Grüner Platz



Wanderparkplatz Stauweiher

Aufstieg vom Krenkeltal zum Rothaarsteig

Aussicht am goldenen Zapfen in Siegerland

Tour starting point:

Hiking parking lot "Stauweiher Heinsberg"; Kirchhundem-Heinsberg

Tour destination point:

Hiking parking lot "Stauweiher Heinsberg"; Kirchhundem-Heinsberg


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Additional Information

Rhine-Weser watershed

In the municipality of Kirchhundem the Rhine-Weser-Watershed runs not only over the "Rhein-Weser-Turm" (lookout tower, managed) but also over the Dreiherrnstein (673 m) as well as over the Riemen (678 m; approx. 500 m southwest of the Dreiherrnstein) located in the adjacent Siegerland. While the water of the Krenkelsbach or Heinsberger Bach, which originates on the northern flank of the Riemen, flows through the Hundem, Lenne and Ruhr into the Rhine , the water of the Zinse flows through the Röspe into the Eder and that of the Elberndorfer Bach directly into the Eder and then through the Fulda to the Weser.


At the Dreiherrnstein the dominions of the Duchy of Westfalen, Nassau-Siegen and Wittgenstein-Hohenstein came together. The large triangular stone on the Wildborn is marked with a wolf's tang on the Nassau side, a large W on the Wittgenstein side and a cross on the Electorate of Cologne side. In 1817 Prussia formed the districts of Olpe, Siegen and Wittgenstein. Thus the old territorial borders were only county borders in the newly founded province of Westfalen. Today the former "Dreiländereck" is a border point between the districts of Olpe and Siegen-Wittgen-stein. For centuries, fierce and sometimes even deadly border battles raged along this territorial border with destruction and theft of wood, tools and livestock. Until today, this old border is not only marked by the Rothaar ridge, but also by the meeting of Saxon and Franconian cultural and confessional influences. (Source: Adventure Guide Rothaarsteig; Ed.: Rothaarsteigverein e.V.)

"Border stories up close" (audio stories for download at www.lennestadt-kirchhundem.de) tell curiosities and interesting facts about the "Dreiherrnstein".

Rothaarsteig Experience Station "Aqueduct

In the Krenkeltal not far from the starting point of the quality tour "Krenkeltal & Goldener Zapfen" a construction, which is almost unique for Germany, has kept its Sleeping Beauty sleep until the summer of 2003. With this construction, an "aqueduct", a brook is led since the beginning of the 20th Jhrd. over the artificial terrain cut for a railroad line, which was deconstructed in the meantime.

Since the summer of 2003, visitors to the station, which was set up by the Rothaarsteig Association together with the Regional Forestry Office of the Kukölnisches Sauerland, can learn about the eventful history from the beginning of construction to the present day in a book. At the same time, one has the opportunity to view and enjoy the building and the nature in its surroundings at length. As a true work of art, at the end of the aqueduct stands a scale model of the terrain, cast in copper, in which the functioning of an "aqueduct" becomes clear.




11.4 km


3:30 Std.

Elevation ascent

263 m

Elevation descent

257 m

Altitude (Minimum)

450 m

Altitude (Maximum)

674 m





Recommended seasons


As a quality trail with a high proportion of nature trails, its rich variety and many experience points, the circular trail belongs to the "Sauerland Trails".

At the " Dreiherrnstein" there is "something for the ears": The free podcast "Dreiherrnstein" tells the eventful story of the dispute over land between the Archbishop of Cologne, the Count of Nassau-Siegen and the Prince of Wittgenstein.

Hiking portal dam pond Heinsberg

Impressionen des Wanderparkplatzes Stauweiher Hein

The hiking parking lot Stauweiher Heinsberg - located on the L713 between Heinsberg and Hilchenbach - is the starting point region Sauerland-Wanderdörfer - 1.

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Rothaarsteig-Erlebnisstation Aquädukt

Erlebnisstation Aquädukt

Naturerfahrung am Rothaarsteig-Zugangsweg

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Outdooractive Poi Fallback Bild

Dreiherrnstein ist durch seine Lage ein bekanntes Wanderwegekreuz am Rothaarsteig.

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Grenzgeschichten hautnah: Dreiherrnstein


Mit "Grenzgeschichten hautnah" entsteht mitten in der Natur "Kino im Kopf".

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Aussichtspunkt Goldener Zapfen

Ausblick über Hilchenbach

Schöner Aussichtspunkt auf das Ferndorftal. Von dieser Bank aus erstreckt sich eine weiter Blick über die hügelige Landschaft.

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The circular route starts at the parking lot "Stauweiher Heinsberg" south of Heinsberg. (From the center of Heinsberg you can easily reach the starting point via the hiking trail A3 in the direction of "Aqueduct" or hiking parking lot "Stauweiher Heinsberg").Just 100 m along the road in the direction of Heinsberg, the circular trail marked with a white circle on a black background leads sharply to the right past fish ponds into the beautiful Krenkeltal. After 2 km it is worth taking a steep detour to the right to the aqueduct, a stream crossing over an old railroad line. You return to the main path , which turns sharply left after a few 100 meters and leads as a steep climb, which requires good condition, on the Rothaar ridge. At the top, turn left onto the Rothaarsteig. Continue to the Dreiherrenstein with a rest area and hut (tip: "Grenzgeschichten hautnah" - podcast at www.lennestadt-kirchhundem.de), then through Buchenwald to the Elberndorfer Bach and from there to the hiking parking lot Oberndorfer Höhe. Here the "Rothaarhüüte" offers a possibility for a comfortable stop (open on weekends and holidays; please ask for opening hours under Tel.: 0151 15259746!). Further highlights are the view from the "Goldener Zapfen" . From the "Grüner Platz", turn right and head downhill back towards Heinsberg and the "Stauweiher Heinsberg" hikers' parking lot.

Safty guidelines

Information about the rescue boardsMostly hiking trails run away from villages and settlements and every hiker has already thought about what would happen if there was an emergency. How can I be found here? Where am I at all? Can the rescue service reach me?But in an emergency, things have to happen quickly! That's why the network of hiking trails in the Lennestadt & Kirchhundem region is equipped throughout with so-called rescue signs. On the green and white plaques, which are attached to the posts of the signposts, there is a number that you have to give when you make your emergency call. This way, the emergency services know exactly where you are and valuable time can be saved.

Public transiot

By train to Lennestadt-Altenhundem ("Bahnhof zum Rothaarsteig"); by bus line R 36 from Lennestadt-Altenhundem train station to Heinsberg (Heinsberg train station stop; from there follow the A 3 hiking trail signs in the direction of the aqueduct).

Getting there

From Kirchhundem via L 553 to Würdinghausen, on the L 713 to Heinsberg, in the direction of Hilchenbach-Oberndorf to the hikers' parking lot "Stauweiher Heinsberg".


Hiking parking lot "Stauweiher Heinsberg"; Kirchhundem-Heinsberg

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